Æthursday – Victorian Supernatural Horror

Æthursday Form - Letter head

Using the Random Setting Generator in the Æther Core Book, the results were rolled for a Victorian Era, Dark Energy Technology, Supernatural, and Horror…

Doctor Edgar Hunter promised a new age of man through his invention, the Cosmotron. It pulled the energy from the stars and channeled it for dozens if not hundreds of new technologies. Gaslights would be replaced by Cosmolamps, trains would run on the raw Æther of the heavens rather than coal or wood; every aspect of life would change, and for the better! Initial tests looked good, but were short lived for proof of concept demonstrations.

Last year Dr. Hunter turned it on at midnight, the morning of July 7th, 1877. Everything seemed to be going well, at least initially. Then all hell broke loose. Literally. The machine opened a portal to another dimension, pulling energy from the very fabric of space and time. First it was ghosts and spirits that came through. Then the dead rose from the grave. Then came the demons and the cosmic horrors.

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Wellstone Wednesday – Back in the Saddle

wellstone city wed

The panicked wail of sirens shatters the dream I was in. It was a dream of the life I had half a year ago; might as well have been half a lifetime ago. Warmer days, sunshine, things were looking up. But that all changed in a burst of fire and a hail of lead. I was bagged, beaten, and I was broken. Knees are ruined, shoulders are broken, my fingers and feet were smashed. I was left for dead.

That was their first mistake. Thinking I was gone, thinking they could get rid of me that easy. Took weeks for the ribs to knit, laying low in some dirt-water half-way home. Took me months of re-breaking and resetting my fingers to get them straight again; all but one of them are back to good, but my left pinky will never be straight again. I’ve had six months of time to think what happened, to plot and plan and get back into shape. Half a year of laying low and putting pieces together until I could see the how all the webs were woven together.

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A Thule and His Money…

I have a couple things I want to say before the press release that would normally go here…  I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you how excited I am about our new release A Thule and His Money.
This one has been a really long time coming, and you know what? That’s ok, and here’s why.

It’s awesome. (I can tell you that without even feeling weird because I didn’t write it, put art in it, edit it or anything. My entire JOB in this release is writing this post, something I normally never do, and sharing some links. I didn’t tell them I was going to rave about it this way but shhh, that’ll be our little secret) Now, I tell Ben and Kevin all the time how much I like their stuff, but this one, this is pretty special.  Seriously, you want to take a look at this even if you haven’t taken the time to fall in love with Wellstone City before.  I think Kevin has been working on this one almost as long as I’ve been working here and I’ve never heard him as excited about something as he was with this release. He said yesterday or the day before he’s really happy with it and feels like it’s some of his best work. If you know Kevin, you know that’s pretty exciting!

Wellstone City, 1937

It’s hot, and it’s about to get hotter.

A letter was delivered by courier and it asks you to have a meeting at the Three Oaks. You know the place…it’s that ritzy joint in Old Fort. Some guy named Van Hammer. Sounds familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Sounds kind of dangerous, and you can picture what happens when people disappoint him. That and he gave you $100 just to show up with a promise of more.  A hundred bucks! That’s a good chunk of a new car!

Maybe it won’t hurt to see what he needs. Or maybe it’ll hurt like hell.

Join your characters as they start in Wellstone City after a meeting out of the blue, with a promise of a huge pay check. They just have to travel to the mainland to get some antique from a retiree and then catch a zeppelin to Greece. But, a simple smash and grab isn’t so simple when dealing with internal power struggles with two separate secret societies, especially when they’re both telling you different sides of the truth. Let your characters sort out their own destiny as they choose what side to align themselves with. 

If they survive.


So now, I’d like to personally invite each of you to step into what is already being considered the “most pulp-driven adventure” that Silver Gryphon Games has ever produced…and those aren’t MY words. I already told you what I thought right before I shared that with you.

So go on…

Start with your characters in Wellstone City and travel with them to the mainland, take a zeppelin across the Atlantic, and land in picturesque Greece.

Along the way fight with and against two Secret Societies as they wage a silent war against each other for control of a single artifact, the Orb of Akrotiri!

This 30 page adventure is available now in either Savage Worlds or for the Æther System.

Finish the adventure off by getting the large-scale maps from Fabled Environments in PDF and print off the Mansion and the Airship as many times as you need, or purchase them in large-sized, already printed, ready to use versions of the Mansion and the Airship, right from Silver Gryphon Games


Here’s the links for you. Go now. You want to, you really do.

Savage Worlds: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/135462


Æther:  http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/135463


Mansion PDF: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/58993


Airship PDF: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/95618


Mansion in Physical: https://squareup.com/market/silver-gryphon-games/casablanca


Airship in Physical: https://squareup.com/market/silver-gryphon-games/luftschiff-majestic