Creative Challenge Day 27

year of the gamer

Colors drive our vision, they can impact our mental states, and are one of the fastest ways to add emotion and impact to any visual work that we create. Focusing on colors in writing draw attention to it and with some clever emotional investment on the words of the author, it creates a lasting impression, a theme, and possibly foreshadowing. With visual arts, it’s even easier; a specific color draws your eye, makes you focus on something that might not even be what the viewer is supposed to be focusing on, allowing for all kinds of pseudo illusionary effects.

Use some color in your work! Be specific in your words, use colors to your best advantage! Use something vibrant in a muted pallet, draw attention to something important (or away from something important), and really engage the visual centers of your audiences minds!

Creative Challenge, Day 26

year of the gamer

When creating, sometimes it becomes necessary to take the point of view of different people. Artists may need to consider different perspectives on their work, writers need to be able to get in the heads of several characters at once. But what about animals? Have you ever considered writing or creating art based on the perception of an animal?

Animals are everywhere in this world. From house pets to house pests, from worms to blue whales, there are millions of types of animals that the experience you’re trying to convey can be filtered through. Obviously they don’t have the same height perspective as we have (unless it’s a larger animal), but consider all of the other points of view that would have t change. What senses do they use that we don’t? What colors do they actually see? How does moving around in the environment affect them or challenge them?

Consider that and see what you can come up with!

Creativity Challenge and a Product Spotlight

year of the gamer

We have two things for you today, so let’s get to it!

Creativity Challenge, Day 25
Welcome to Day 25! Don’t be afraid to link us up if this is your first time finding us, we’re giving everyone a shot at a prize at the end, no matter how many entries they have, but you have to link us up to your blog at least once to be eligible!

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