Kantcon Wrap up

Facebook Logo - 4-5-12

Well, we made it safe and sound back from Kantcon in Overland Park, Kansas! This was our fourth time down there, and we’re looking forward to being back next year. We’ll update you with the date, but in the mean time, we advise that you like and follow them on Facebook to make sure you can plan accordingly.

Allen and Kevin ran a total of 7 adventures. We had to leave early on Sunday, which always makes us sad, but life-away-from-Con called and we needed to get on the road. The games we ran were all full tables, and some had to turn people away. It’s always great to have that feeling at a convention, but it’s always sad to have to tell people there’s no room at the table.

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Æthursday – Adventure in a Con

Æthursday Form - Letter head

As we prepare for another trip to Kansas City for KantCon, we are preparing for yet another Adventure in a Con! We stopped doing the what we had intended to do; have Kevin run one Friday night and then take the rest of the convention to write a module based around what was rolled up and run. It was fun, but it was cutting into the fun we had at a convention.

But we still love the running them! These days, Allen is running the Adventures in a Con, and he’s doing a great job for us! We go around the table and have each player roll up a Time, a Tone, a Technology, and a Genre and we roll three of those. The players at the table choose which of the three scenarios they want to run and then we put something together quickly, modify character sheets as needed, and we’re off and running what is regarded as many peoples’ favorite experiences at the conventions we attend!

All of that is made possible by the Random Setting Generator built into the Æther Core Book, along with a good grasp of the elements rolled up by the players! Some quick thinking allows you to do this on the fly, but with some preparation, it’s incredible how unique and intricate of a setting or scenario you can build!

Wellstone City Update – Freelancers

wellstone city wed

As the situation in Wellstone City degrades in the absence of organized crime, the police are unable to control the situation. It is even becoming untenable for the organized crime syndicates to deal with and they have moved into a more protective posture around the tourist areas. Business that they once extracted protection money from, they now simply protect.

The local criminal elements; street gangs, thugs, and hoods, are starting to unbalance each other as they gain power. Some neighborhoods have banded together around local heroes and do-gooders, some have been taken over by thugs and their gangs.

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