Wellstone City Wednesday – Running the Good Guys

wellstone city wed

Wellstone City is set up to run the criminals. It’s a dirty, ugly place that is full of dirty, corrupt people. It is written from the stand point of assuming that the PCs are cons and criminals that are just as bad as the other people they are fighting against. Sometimes they’re worse.

But that’s not for everyone. Sometimes you want to run the knights in shining armor; those that use the same tools as the criminals but use them to make the city a better place. There are many examples of this in television and literature; from Sam Slade the iconic detective to the crew of the Leverage television show. There is this over-reaching theme of the good guys sticking it to the bad guys by using their own tactics and technology against them.

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Ingenium Review by the Savage GM!

Ingenium, the Fantasy Epic

Well, our first independent review is up for Ingenium’s Second Edition! I’ll let this guy do all the talking, so without further ado:

And as always, if you’re one click away from the Ingenium Second Edition Kickstarter!

Writing Ingenium changed my life

Writing Ingenium

Boston played in the background. The soft tap-tapping of the keyboard made for an odd harmony. The words came slowly, and it was difficult to think of the next phrase to write. His mind was trapped in a fog of think-edit, think-edit. Giving an exasperated sigh, he slumped back in his chair. He sipped at the luke-warm coffee in his mug, then paused mid-swallow. Slamming the mug back on his desk, the writer leaned forward and started madly typing, a fierce storm of inspiration upon him.

Moments later, inspiration dried up and the cycle began again.

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