Winners and Releases and Sales (Queue Mr. Takei)

Facebook Logo - 4-5-12

We have a ton of stuff going on! If you’ve been paying attention to us on Facebook, Twitter, or G+, you’ll notice we’ve been posting teaser shots of an upcoming release…actually, two releases. One went live this morning (we’ll get to that!) and we’re also having a Flash Sale on a few things. But, before we do that…

July Creativity Contest
We had some pretty good interest in our Creativity Contest, and we have the following winners to announce!

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Creative Challenge – Day 30!

year of the gamer

We had a couple of days of intermittent internet service on the site which made uploading posts impossible, but here we go!

It’s the last day! Just one left to go and then we’re finished! that brings up an interesting question: how do you know when something is “finished” and you can stop tinkering with it? At what point do you just look at something and say, “I’m good with this, right here.” Are you an avid tinkerer, always trying to perfect what you craft, or are you able to walk away from it and be happy?

Let us know a work that benefited from going back and constant tweaking, or let us know about something where it was over tweaked and then ruined. It is easy to go either way when being creative, and the results may not always be reversible!

Creative Challenge Day 27

year of the gamer

Colors drive our vision, they can impact our mental states, and are one of the fastest ways to add emotion and impact to any visual work that we create. Focusing on colors in writing draw attention to it and with some clever emotional investment on the words of the author, it creates a lasting impression, a theme, and possibly foreshadowing. With visual arts, it’s even easier; a specific color draws your eye, makes you focus on something that might not even be what the viewer is supposed to be focusing on, allowing for all kinds of pseudo illusionary effects.

Use some color in your work! Be specific in your words, use colors to your best advantage! Use something vibrant in a muted pallet, draw attention to something important (or away from something important), and really engage the visual centers of your audiences minds!