Æthermancy Kickstarter Spell Cards

AEther, the Universal System

Spell Card - Healing Bomb, Greater

One of the things we’re doing for the Kickstarter is Spell Cards. Originally these were intended to be a one-off thing, something to be used as a book mark. All of the spells that have art representing them would be used. However, after Kevin was reminded how good the spell cards were for D&D, he wanted to give that same feeling for Æther and ALL spells will get cards, but only some will have art.

This is a work-in-progress for Greater Healing Bomb. Kevin still has a few tweaks to make on transparency and layer effects, but this is pretty much what the final form will look like. The cards will be printed on playing card stock and will be made available as a product AFTER the Kickstarter backers get their rewards!


Æthursday – Random Setting

Æthursday Form - Letter head

Today’s setting is a Colonial Age, Tech of the time, Dark, Supernatural Noir.

Werewolves. Ghosts. Vampires. Demons. Witches. The 17th century is full of superstition, paranoia, intrigue, and distrust; and it is for good reason. A group calling themselves the Reapers have determined to investigate these cases before innocent people get harmed, and of course to sort out which cases are supernatural and which are just people taking advantage of the specter of the times.

As a member of the Reapers, you were recruited (or volunteered) to investigate these cases, to determine what is the cause of the mystery, and to deal with the supernatural elements that are causing it. Armed with your trusty flintlock, a sabre, or simply your wits, the time has come to stop the encroaching dark and fight back!

What role will you fill in this age as you combat the forces of evil? Which side will you be on? Decide now and take up arms against the darkness, or do nothing and watch the world succumb to it. The choice is yours.


Wellstone City Wednesday – The Parson

wellstone city wed

With the criminal infrastructure of Wellstone City showing early signs of stressing to the point of fracturing, gangs aren’t the only problem the city has right now. Individuals are making power grabs and are using the distracted and over-worked police force to commit crimes. One such individual is the Parson.

Operating almost exclusively in the Parish, strikingly little is known about the Parson. It is assumed that the Parson is male, though no description has ever been given. The killer’s victims, and there are 11 so far, have been mostly female; 10 out of the 11 have been females with no discernible pattern as to other demographics. What is becoming obvious though is that the killer is going out of his way to keep the victim demographics as close to the actual demographics for race and age as Wellstone itself.

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