3 Ways Ingenium Changes Fantasy Role-Playing

The upcoming second edition of Ingenium offers a tabletop role-playing experience unlike any other. That may sound like marketing hyperbole, but I genuinely believe it. Let me tell you why.

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Æthursday – Random Setting!

Æthursday Form - Letter head

Today’s randomly generated setting is a Future, Gravity Tech Opera setting with a Dark tone. Which brings us to…

In the distant future, great Empires wage war across the stars. Galactic Empires clash in mighty fleet battles while scoundrels and bounty hunters amass wealth playing both sides. Rebellions are constant, and the uncontrolled space between galaxies is rife with pirates, slavers, and opportunity.

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Wellstone City Wednesday – The Adventure Deck

wellstone city wed

Well, it’s been long awaited, and long discussed, but it’s finally coming: the Wellstone City Adventure Deck is ready for play testing at the end of the week! We’ve contacted a couple of individuals about getting some very rough copies of the initial manuscript. It’ll be stress tested, broken, torn apart, and then we’ll rebuild it from their notes.

The deck right now is just a set of rules; it uses any standard deck of cards to draw from. The draws are complicated enough that I don’t think it’ll be transformed into a deck of playing cards (unlike the Encounter Deck, which we have cards potentially in place to do so but we need a LOT of art to make that happen). The draws are pretty simple, and you get some fantastic results. Kevin’s first test run of it actually came very close to Schroedinger’s Box, which is not an overly simple adventure in the first place.

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