Camp Wicakini shirts available in Pre-order!

For years you’ve been playing Camp Wicakini at conventions or even around your own game table. Now, we’re offering a t-shirt to give you that warm-hearted Camp Wicakini feeling all year ’round!

These are high-quality shirts, just like our Year of the Gamer shirts from 2014, and the printing on it is guaranteed to last (and startle) for years to come!

Ordering is a two-part process, but don’t be discouraged! You’ll need to follow this link to Custom Ink to tell us how many shirts and what sizes (Youth Small – 4XL) you’d like:

And then hit our Store Tab above to pay for them. It’s a bit of a bother, we know, but it takes just an extra second and helps serve as a double-check when we go to ship the shirts out.

Come have fun in the Woods! Camp Wicakini is our most successful adventure series and we want you to be able to show your pride, especially if you managed to somehow survive!


Nanocon and New Products

Man, it’s been…over a year since we have gone to a convention. Kevin and Ben have been super busy, schedules haven’t lined up, and life takes precedence over the game company sometimes. That’s kind of the double-edged sword of being a small-press publishing company. It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes it needs to be back burnered.

So, we’re headed to Madison, South Dakota, for the weekend of November 10th – 12th. Nanocon is a great little convention put on by the Dakota State University game club and they have done a fantastic job. Silver Gryphon started out our convention runs by going there, and we think it’s only appropriate to go back up to Madison to get our convention runs re-started. We don’t have next year’s conventions finalized yet, but we do know we’re planning on going to KantCon in July and we’d like to hit Gamehole Con in November (as well as possibly Nanocon again!)

We haven’t released much in the last few years. We’re working on remedying that. The final (?) chapter in the Camp Wicakini Saga is in the final stages of completion, Kevin has a bunch of small settings he’s been working on, a number of adventures, and of course we have Æthermancy that he’s been working on as well. Ben is plowing away at our editing efforts as well as art direction for the company. Allen is prodding Kevin along to make sure he doesn’t fall off the writing band-wagon, and Yuki is looking for conventions for us for next year.

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Æthursday – Future History

June, 2236

Look, they left. They left and they didn’t even look back until we started making noise here. They went to a clean world that they could make their own and they left the rest of us here to linger in purgatory on a broken Earth. They knew what would happen, of course they knew! It was the Ares Project that got this whole thing started anyway!

“Start fresh, a new Humanity,” that was their slogan! I’m not asking you to remember, I’m asking you to look! The ice is pulling back and what little didn’t get crushed and ground to mud under it has posters and slogans and propaganda plastered all over it! Look for your selves, don’t take my word for it! They left Earth, they went to Mars, and they gave us a little parting gift in return.

They gave us Armageddon! They tried to wipe us out so there would be no competition for their “New Humanity!”

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