Everything’s a Dollar at Silver Gryphon Games!

In light of certain events that have been happening in the PDF world of gaming, Silver Gryphon Games has decided to throw a special “We Don’t Hate Our Customers” sale!

For a limited time, every PDF we sell is just a dollar. You can buy the entire Core Book of Æther, plus both Wellstone City adventures, plus Zombacalypse for a grand total of just $4.00! Save nearly $28.00 and buy them all today!

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Silver Gryphon Monthly #7 has been released!

Silver Gryphon Games is happy to announce the release of their seventh monthly newsletter, Silver Gryphon Monthly. The issue is available from either DriveThru RPG or RPG Now! as a free download. The publication focuses on the products of Silver Gryphon Games, but it also highlights the thoughts of the two co-owners on various topics related to gaming. Their own products are supported as well, particularly the ever-expansive modern setting for Æther, Wellstone City.

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