Merry Christmas from Silver Gryphon Games!

Silver Gryphon will be marking prices down on all of our PDF product for the Christmas! All of our adventures, the Æther Quick Start Guide and our Diabolical Traps books are just $1.00! Get our Supplement and Setting books for $1.50, including the freshly released Zombacalypse for Savage Worlds! The Æther and Ingenium core rule books are just $2.00! These prices are only good for those 5 days, from Midnight US Central time on the 22nd until just before midnight US Central time on the 26th!


Zombacalypse has been Savaged!

Just in time for Christmas, we have completed the overhaul of Zombacalypse for Savage Worlds! Weighing in at 99 pages of content, this book has been completely examined and converted from its Æther roots into a pure Savage Worlds product. Tables have been clarified and made to be easier to read, and the information within is strictly for Savage worlds.

Just like the original book, it contains 30 adventure hooks and the adventure Behind Enemy Lines, set in the American Civil War. It still contains all of the information from the original version of the book, which has been positively compared to other game products such as All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

Usable to enhance your other zombie adventures and campaigns, this book contains information for the Savage Worlds Zombies as well as 13 zombie qualities to make them easier or harder to fight. Suggestions for using them in a wide variety of settings and zombie creation methods are included as are lists of improvised weapons and explosive devices. If that wasn’t enough, there are 11 example zombies in addition to the standard Savage Worlds zombie from the Savage Worlds Core Book!

Get this PDF today, before it gets you!


Devil Lizard

HP: 4d6
Num: 1-4
Spd: 6
Dmg: 1d6
Def: 6
Soak: 12
CL: 4

Devil lizards are neither devils nor lizards, though they share elements of both. They are 6 feet long mammals with four legs, four eyes, and a shark-like mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. A devil lizard has two long tails that are constantly in motion. Its skin has a fine coat of reddish fur whose pattern seems to mimic scales. Its feet end in long talons, perfect for lacerating prey.

Highly carnivorous, devil lizards are fast and aggressive. They are excellent climbers, and are known to leap out of trees onto passing prey. Their preferred method of hunting, however, is to simply charge directly at a victim. A devil lizard’s jaws are powerful, and it can snap a steel sword in half with a single bite. If its victim is larger than itself, it will climb up and latch on with its talons, then start biting its prey to death.

Devil lizards do not know fear and will fight to the death. They are stupid creatures and easily tricked, however, especially by bright lights, since their eyesight is better adapted to seeing in low-light conditions.


Vicious Bite – A devil lizard will attempt to bite its prey’s softest or least-protected spot in order to incapacitate it. This is rolled like a normal attack. If it misses, the devil lizard still hits, but only for 1d6 damage. If it hits, on the other hand, this attack deals 2d8 damage and the devil lizard is considered to be attached to its prey. A Physical Strength roll of 10 or higher is necessary to break free. Any physical attacks or abilities receive a -5 penalty while the devil lizard is attached.


Wellstone City – Renfeld

Location: Wellstone City?

Renfeld is a name that is whispered by the upper levels of the crime families and top crime syndicates in Wellstone City. He’s also known as the Ghost, the Phantom, and the Red Death, but his most common name is Renfeld. No one knows if that’s his real last name or not, but when you’re a legendary hit man, it doesn’t really matter.

The police have no official file on Renfeld. They disavow any knowledge of his existence, and although the tabloids keep kicking his name up whenever there’s a mass murder or a killing spree, no formal investigation is made. When pressed, Chief Bennett will answer only, “We’re not in the business of chasing shadows and ghosts, and this Renfeld character is exactly that.” Because of that common answer, it is suspected that he is actually an enforcer working with the police, but completely off the record and off the grid.

Wellstone isn’t the only place haunted by this phantom. Hits in New Orleans, Mobile, Baton Rouge, and Jacksonville are all attributed to him, and conspiracy theorists claim that he’s also worked Tallahassee, Atlanta, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas, Houston, and dozens of cities in Mexico. If they are correct, he has a body count in the 500’s – a feat that most modern action movies barely dare to attain. Even with all his alleged traveling, the highest concentration of hits associated with Renfeld is in Wellstone and the closer communities on the Gulf in Louisiana and Texas.

It is thought that there is a single picture of Renfeld, which is what gave him his name. There was a gas station bombing in Little Italy ten years ago; the cause was never patently identified as foul play, but it was strongly suspected that it was not accidental. The store owner had the latest and greatest video camera system, one that fed to a central location via the Internet, and a single glimpse of a man was caught on film right before the station exploded. The shot of this man showed him casually looking over his shoulder into the security camera, wearing sunglasses and in a military jacket with a patch displaying the name “Renfeld.” The man looked to be of Eastern European decent. He is the sole suspect held by the conspiracy theorists in what has been ruled to be an accidental explosion, namely because he’s the only man in the tape that hadn’t been seen there before in the last three weeks before the explosion. No one has seen him since.

In-game, Renfeld can be whatever you need him to be: the ghost in the darkness, the menacing shadowy figure that is stalking the PC’s, or any number of other things. He isn’t sloppy enough to let himself be seen and identified, but whenever he’s on the case, the upper levels of crime in the city seem to a little more nervous, appear in public a little less, and their body guards are a little more jumpy.


Ingenium Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s come to our attention that there are a few problems with the Ingenium rulebook we just released on DriveThruRPG.

Since Silver Gryphon’s all about customer service, we’ve decided to turn this into a little contest.

Dig through the Ingenium rulebook. Tear it apart. Find all the problems – from minor typos to horrific mechanical errors – that you can, and send your list to us.

The people with the three longest lists will get a print copy of Ingenium (with all the problems corrected) free of charge. Not only that, but their copies will be signed by all three Silver Gryphon managers, AND they will be named in the special thanks section of the book!

You can send your list to us through one of the following ways:

* Email: [email protected]
* Email: [email protected]

Good hunting, and may the best critics win!

This contest ends December 31st, 11:59 PM.


Ingenium is now available in PDF!

Silver Gryphon Games has unleashed Ingenium!

Our newest game system, Ingenium, has been unleashed upon the gaming community! Developed by Ben Overmyer, this system is designed for high fantasy, and utilizes his Three Word character creation engine. The result: a high octane, lighting fast character creation method that gives you the control you want to customize your character how you want as you build it.

This 102 page PDF available now from DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, along with a printer-friendly version that has the art stripped out and a fresh layout for your printing convenience. Contained in those pages is a complete rule system for running your fantasy games. It includes professions, talent pools, and equipment, spells, and monsters, as well as volumes of information for the GM and players alike.

Get this complete, all-in-one rule system today, and prepare yourself for endless adventure!

And, for the entire month of December, you can get it for 15% off along with all of our other products during our customer appreciation sale!

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Customer Appreciation Sale through December!

For the entire month of December, we are running a customer appreciation sale at DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, as well as all of their affiliated sites! We appreciate our customers every month, but we have recently hit a large number of selling medals and we wanted to let you know that we love that our loyal customers have supported us so much this year!

The following titles have medals at DriveThru RPG:

* Pine Ridge Horror – Copper
* Two-Bit Thugs (Æther) – Copper
* Wellstone City – Copper
* Zombacalypse – Copper
* Æther Core Book – Silver

The following titles have medals at RPG Now:

* Wellstone City – Copper
* Æther Core Book – Copper

We have many more titles that are getting very close to either getting their Copper medal at either site or even moving up to Silver! We couldn’t have done it with out our fans, so for the entire month of December, we’re taking 15% off all our PDF prices!

Thank you, Customers!


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

Starting just after midnight on Friday and going through just before Midnight on Monday, Silver Gryphon is cutting its prices on all our PDF products! All of our adventures, the Æther Quick Start Guide and our Diabolical Traps book are just $1.00! Get our Supplement and Setting books for $1.50, and the Æther and Ingenium core rule books are just $2.00!

For those of you who have tried and loved our modern stuff for Wellstone, take the opportunity to see what we do for fantasy books with our Diabolical Traps book! It’s the first of a 12-book series that gives you 15 skeleton based traps for any setting that uses Necromancy and the undead! Stated for Savage Worlds, Æther, and Ingenium, and easily ported into any OGL system, it’ll cover all of your fantasy role playing needs, no matter what your preferred system is.

Go get it!

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And for those of you who want to grab what we’ve got in paperback, don’t forget our website, where we have cut our prices in half!

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Trick or Treat!

It’s definitely a treat coming from Silver Gryphon Games. For Halloween we’re taking 10% off our entire stock, and for all of our horror related products we’re taking an additional 10% off on top of that! It’s the
perfect time to round out your collection of our adventures and books, and if you’re new to Silver Gryphon we invite you to read our product reviews and check us out!

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This sale also includes the paperback versions of our books which are available through our website!
Create a customer ID, select your products, and check-out using our secure shopping platform by clicking Store in the link bar!

Act fast! This special runs only through midnight, November 1st!


Silver Gryphon Poker Chips

In the grand tradition of game company give-aways, we at Silver Gryphon decided to do something similar. We now have stainless steel poker chip-sized tokens that we will be giving away at conventions or when we hold special events online.

The picture below is of one of these laser-cut, laser-etched, stainless steel chips. Want to get your hands on one? That’s the hard part! For those who do have one, present it to us at a Con, it’s an instant 10% off all of our products! The same holds true for our store as well!


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