Two-Bit Thugs released for Savage Worlds!

The continuing adventure for Wellstone City, Two-Bit Thugs, has been released! This adventure is designed to be run immediately after Public Transit Assassins, the adventure that is included with the Wellstone City setting. However, it is also flexible enough to be used as an introductory adventure in its own right, or even played before the Public Transit Assassins adventure.

This 8 page adventure has a host of thugs, ascending crime lords, and other low-lives to be taken out with extreme prejudice. Like everything else in Wellstone, life has a price, and when two gangs spark rumors of an other Purge, the major crime families as well as the upper levels of the city government come together to get those rumors put out before they spread and cause a panic.

As the PCs, you have many options, and there are many encounters and possibilities to handle them. Will the party use cloak and dagger tactics to get the job done or will they be as subtle as an Oldsmobile through a plate glass window? Get it today and find out!


Wellstone City released for Savage Worlds!

Silver Gryphon Games has converted its core setting from the Æther system, Wellstone City, to Savage Worlds! This crime noir setting emphasizes the seedy underbelly of life in the city and is heavily influenced by the works of Frank Miller, Quentin Tarrentino, and Robert E. Howard.

The information in the book has been updated and revised, and the Wellstone City Updates from their Silver Gryphon Monthly publication has been added as well. This book contains a few notes on creating characters in Wellstone City, setting trappings, and a score of new Hindrances and Edges. Fifty pages of setting information about Wellstone City, including a full history, maps, locations, and important NPCs are complemented by the introductory adventure, Public Transit Assassins.

This book is able to be integrated with any other Savage Worlds settings or supplements that you may have, giving you a city setting to use with them. The timeline of Wellstone City gives enough details that you can use it for any time since 1560 AD, but leaves the history open enough for you to easily slip in any details or alternate history that you may desire. You could also readily play in any of the historical eras discussed in the 8 pages of history.

It is available in PDF from the world leaders in PDF sales, DriveThru RPG and RPG Now. We will be exploring options with a Print-on-Demand service for a paperback version as well, and we hope to integrate that into our PDF sales point sites.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the hottest new setting for Savage Worlds right now!