Silver Gryphon Poker Chips

In the grand tradition of game company give-aways, we at Silver Gryphon decided to do something similar. We now have stainless steel poker chip-sized tokens that we will be giving away at conventions or when we hold special events online.

The picture below is of one of these laser-cut, laser-etched, stainless steel chips. Want to get your hands on one? That’s the hard part! For those who do have one, present it to us at a Con, it’s an instant 10% off all of our products! The same holds true for our store as well!


We are open for Business!

The Silver Gryphon Games store is open for business! You can now purchase any of our physical products directly from our secure website. We currently have Wellstone City, Zombacalypse for Æther and the Æther Core Book. We will be adding any new product that we produce, of course, as well as incorporating PDF sales capability and print/PDF bundle packages!

Why wait? Visit today! Pick up the best selling Wellstone City for Savage Worlds or the Æther Core Book as well as the Æther version of Zombacalypse! Set yourself up with a user ID and shop! We’ll be adding product continuously as new print and PDF versions of our products are available, and we’ll be updating the main website to let you know what’s been released as well.

Check it out, the link to the store is in the menu bar just overhead!


Customer Appreciation Sale!

You guys delivered, and now so are we.

Wellstone City reached Copper Medal status in record time for any Silver Gryphon product on the DriveThru RPG side of things. Now, we are giving a little something back, or at least, taking something off the top.

For the entire month of August, we are taking 10% off all of our prices at DriveThru RPG, RPG Now, and their affiliate sites. For those of you who still haven’t picked up Wellstone, the Wellstone City Chronicles, Camp Wicakini, or Dave B’s critically acclaimed The Pine Ridge Horror, now is the time!

Hop on over to the store, leave us a comment on the thread about your experiences so far, and hold tight because we’ve got some amazing products coming out in the second half of the year!

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