Store Upgrades!

We are switching over our store front, and this is going to be quite a process. But, it will be a much better store than what we’ve been using. It will help us manage things on the back end, and at the same time, it will give us some exciting new features to pass on to you! Things like customer specific coupons, automatic discounts for those of you who hold our Silver Gryphon poker chips, and even a merchant side of things for your Friendly Local Gaming Store to be able to set up an account and order directly from us!

Kevin and Ben will be busily adding product as they are able, and the store prices will reflect our on-going Christmas sale!


Happy Birthday from Silver Gryphon Games!

Well, that’s not right, it should be “Happy Birthday to Silver Gryphon Games,” but that seems odd to wish ourselves a happy incorporation day. However, even though it’s our birthday, we’re passing the presents out to you! In grand Silver Gryphon style, we are slashing our prices by 25% in order to commemorate our 4th year of business, and also to usher in the Christmas season and the New Year! From now until January 1st at midnight, all of our prices at DriveThru RPG are reduced to 75% of their normal selling price, including our smash hit, Panzer Reich: Crash Test rules, and Red Blizzard, which is in the final stages of post-production, and the Panzer Reich: Crash Test rules in paperback which we have in the proof approval stage!

We are in the middle of re-tooling our store, and if it is not technically impossible to do so, we will also be revamping our prices at our store as well! Again, we’re going through a webpage change and selecting a more user-friendly storefront for our electronic store, so bear with us as we go through this!

This sale only comes once a year, so take advantage of the reduction of our normal prices while you can!

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Website Updates!

You’ve no doubt noticed that we are in the process of changing the website around. The process should be done in a week or so, so we invite you to keep checking in, and if you have a few seconds, leave us some feedback! We’ll be doing updates to the store and the forum as well, and we’ll update you to let you know when we have completed the changes.

In the mean time browse the site, hit the forums, and check out the store as they stand! The data from our current store and forum will be ported over, so every change, order, and entry you make will be there long into the future!


The Nigerian Crime Syndicate

Nigerians in Wellstone come in three basic forms: the good people trying to make it in America, the bad people who are trying to make a buck the hard way, and the ugly who are ruthlessly cutting out a swath of the criminal landscape by AK-47 and machete. The first group is widely accepted, the second one, only marginally so, and the third group is a serious threat to everyone in their way, including other crime syndicates. When they came across to America, they quickly took to their old ways, and their ruthlessness is comparable only to the most violent of drug cartels.

Nigerians don’t take on freelancers, prisoners, or ransoms. They are violent to the extreme, and anything in their way gets taken out. They trade in drugs, people, and guns. The organization of the Nigerians has yet to be determined, but it is thought that there is a shadowy king-pin at work behind the scenes, and judging from courier traffic, this king-pin is in Little Haiti. Most of the Nigerian targets seem to be centered in the Warrens, and it is unknown if they are simply preying on the easy targets or it they are trying to muscle in on some territory.

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Happy Holidays from Silver Gryphon Games!

Happy Holidays from Silver Gryphon!

We’re rapidly approaching the Christmas season, or maybe it started in August if you believe some of the larger retailers. It’s finally snowing here at the Silver Gryphon head quarters and it’s about time! We love winter; gathering around with friends and family, sipping hot chocolate or apple cider, and throwing some dice!

We’ve got a lot of stuff moving in the pipe, and with the launch of our Panzer Reich Crash Test, Kevin has a lot of his time spent working with future releases for that, including the Panzer Reich setting book which will be released on December 22nd, 2012….because it’s a post-apocalyptic setting…

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Gryphon Mastiff

HP: 10d8
Num: 1 – 2
Spd: 4 (ground) 8 (flying)
Dmg: 3d8 (claws), 2d6 (bite), Slam (see below)
Def: 6
Soak: 14
CL: 10

Gryphon Mastiffs are the largest of all of the gryphon sub-species. They are thought to be the progenitor of the various gryphon breeds, but that is the subject for academics, not for those that hunt or train them. Mastiffs stand 16 feet tall at the front shoulder, and can easily peak in up to 4th story windows if standing on their hind legs. They have a wing span of nearly 100 feet, and their powerfully muscled leonine bodies can weigh in upwards of 4000 pounds.

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The Steeple

The Steeple, located in The Parish, is an underground race track that is, quite literally, underground. Taking advantage of the natural caverns of the island, the Steeple sits 30 feet below the 9-hole, very exclusive Yard golf course. During Prohibition, the Steeple existed, but it was unrefined and used as both a liquor repository by the Grant family while they stored it for the budding Italian mobs. After Prohibition ended, the repository was no longer needed, and it was converted into a dog track. It still exists and serves that purpose, and only the upper crust of the upper crust are admitted; which in Wellstone, means that it is a gathering place for the syndicate elites and politicians. The track is illegal, but with all of the money being thrown around and all of the political players that attend, the police either won’t try to touch it or are bribed to stay away.

The entrance to the Steeple is unknown, and those who find it usually end up in a dumpster fire for their efforts. Only the most trusted aquaintences and allies of the rich who attend the Steeple are allowed to accompany the upper eschelons of society. It is an unofficial neutral zone of the city, though violence in particularly trying times is not unheard of. Everyone who is there is armed, most people are wearing Lexington Suits, and everyone has body guards. The politeness of the venue hinges on the same ideals of the Cold War: mutually assured destruction.

For those who want to gain entrance, they must be introduced by someone major, and they must expect to place a bet of at least $100,000. It’s chump-change for the elite, it could be the life-savings of a player from the streets. Anything less is an insult to the Steeple and to those who frequent it, and insults of that magnitude are never taken lightly in Wellstone City.


It’s been a while…

Just because we haven’t been updating the website for a while, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working. The proof will be in the pudding here in the next few weeks as we have a slug of releases on-deck, including the long-awaited Red Blizzard adventure for Æther, Ingenium, and Savage Worlds. In addition to that, the Panzer Reich Crash Test rules are being released in the very near future as well, and they are the core combat rules for a war game based on the Æther Core Rules. It’s going to be a very exciting next few weeks, and we’re going to keep the ball rolling after that!

Stay tuned, hit the forum and introduce yourself, sit back, and enjoy!


Plant: Auberran

HP:  6d8
Num:  1d4
Spd:  3
Dam:  1d8
Def:   5
Soak:  10
CL:  9

At first glance an auberran may be mistaken for some form of undead, or perhaps even a bizarre form of golem or other magically-made automaton; it is a bulky figure of bone and brass and foliage, clutching a staff wreathed in withered vines and cloaked in voluminous, dirty white robes.  Closer inspection reveals the truth – the skeletal frame is nothing but a support for the mass of twisting, sodden greenery, tinged with crimson and violet and rearing up where a skull should be in a coiled knot of swollen stems and a single glaring eye.  This foliage is the true auberran.

In combat an auberran strikes with its staff, inflicting 1d8 hit points of damage.  By far its preferred tactic, however, is to use its Curse of Verdance.  A victim of the curse, failing a resistance save, will be riddled with burrowing seeds; within 10-40 minutes the transformation is complete and the victim has become a mass of coiling foliage or a large gourd with trailing vines.  Some 50% of the curse’s subjects retain sapience and may be restored through the usual means of curse removal.

An auberran takes no damage from mundane weapons.  Runed and Shaped weapons cause normal damage. Fire causes half again as much damage, but it is immune to cold.


Reptilian: Xaap-Hama

HP:  4d8
Num:  2d6
Spd:  3
Dam:  1d10
Def:   7
Soak:  12
CL:  7

More intelligent — and diabolic — than the average reptiloid species are the xaap-hama, kidnappers and vivisectionists from another world long destroyed.  Deeming the existing world and its inhabitants imperfect, the xaap-hama endeavour to slowly remake the world in their image, whether by continuously constructing their twisting marble sprires or by warping all else that lives via magic and more painful means.  These reptilians, hunched and cloaked in dark scales interspersed with splashes of iridescent colour and thick bony plates, surgically alter their own forms to bear ever more baroque ornamentation of jewels and shaped bone.

Never without their strange signature tools – ever-changing amalgamations of hammer and scalpels and stranger, unidentifable things – the xaap-hama readily use these heavy implements in combat, striking for 1d10 hit points of damage twice per round.  Xaap-hama are also accomplished spellcasters; the least of the creatures possesses the equivalent spellpower of a fifth-level caster, and many are more powerful.  All xaap-hama gain a +4 to all saves versus magic which is cast by by a creature not of their own kind.

Intriguingly, xaap-hama are vulnerable to blessed weapons and similar things, taking damage as if undead or corrupt.


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