The Silver Gryphon Games Store

The Silver Gryphon Games Store
Location: The Battery

Happy April Fool’s Day….

Silver Gryphon Games set up shop in the Battery in 2007. It took over the space that was occupied by the Æther Game store and they use it much in the same fashion, using the location as their store front as well as their main offices for producing their RPGs and RPG products. The three co-managers, Dave Baymiller, Ben Overmyer, and Kevin Rohan are also the floor workers at the location; what they say goes, but they maintain a fun atmosphere and love to interact with customers and fans of their products.

The game shop caters to the young and old alike, getting a special liquor permit via Kevin’s contact within the borough’s government. With open gaming tables, all are welcome to play, and after 10pm, the under-21 crowd has their hands stamped. Anyone without a stamp can purchase a drink from the full-service bar in the basement. The shop also plays a wide variety of music and has pool and air-hockey tables in the lower level for those who are taking a break from their gaming or who just want to hang out.

Even with the alcohol, fights are rare in the establishment. Kevin and Dave also act as bouncers when needed, and after the first few incidents, nothing has happened for several years in any area of the shop. The papers detailing the incidents are framed on the wall above a sign that says “Think Twice.” The common joke is that Dave and Kevin were trying to get their own Wellstone City Chronicle going; in truth, the papers are both a trophy and a warning.

The shop caters to a wide range of products, but specializes in the smaller press outfits. There are several local upstarts that carry their products there, as well as larger names such as Savage Worlds, Labyrinth Lord, and of course, the Æther and Ingenium systems.

The three managers share the shop duties in shop and the after-hours duties. It is also not uncommon for them to do freelance work as well. Largely because of their size, attitudes, and their various connections in Wellstone, it is said that the three of them also run several side jobs, most of which fall into exceedingly gray areas where the law is concerned. When confronted about these, Ben, Dave, and Kevin usually just smile and politely ignore the question. If pressed, none of them have any particular issues with adding another newspaper trophy to the wall.


3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Sale!

We are renewing the tradition of passing on great sales prices to you for the entire month of April! For three years running now we have been slashing our prices on PDFs, and we are excited this year to add a sale run on our print products as well! All of our PDFs from DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, as well as their affiliate sites, are just $1.50 (US) each! Everything from our adventures to our system books to the wildly popular Wellstone City and Zombacalypse are just a fraction of what they normally cost. In addition to that, we are taking 25% off all of our print-to-order products as well!

This sale will also include any products we have coming out during the month, so keep your eyes open for our best-selling favorites to enter into print form and for a few more goodies from the Silver Gryphon guys!

This sale comes only once a year, so take advantage of the opportunity and our hospitality! We look forward to another awesome year in 2011, and we’d like to say thank you to all of our fans and customers that supported us through 2010 and in years prior, and April is our month to do just that.

So what are you waiting for? Hit our store here at the Silver Gryphon website or visit our store front at either DriveThru RPG or RPG Now!

To kick this sale off, we are pleased to announce that the freshly refurbished Ingenium system is available in PDF and in print forms! Buy it now at DriveThru RPG or RPG Now and get it for 14.99 plus the PDF copy for free!


Zombacalypse released in Print!

The incredibly popular PDF is now available in print from the world’s largest PDF sales sites, DriveThru RPG, and RPG Now! This is in addition to our sales point at our Store, but with the added ease and capabilities at DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, you can purchase the print version bundled with the PDF version at absolutely no extra cost! Both formats cost you just $19.99 (US) and it can be shipped anywhere in the world due to the international printing locations that our printer utilizes!

This is for the Æther version of the book, and the Savage Worlds version will be coming out soon!

If you’ve bought the PDF and want the same shopping ease and security that you’re used to from your favorite PDF sales points, don’t hesitate in getting the book today!

Get it from DriveThru RPG:

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Forum finally fixed.

After way too long, our forum is now fixed. Feel free to register!



HP: 2D6
Num: 1-6
Spd: 2
Dmg: 1d6
Def: 6
Soak: 3
CL: 3

Inexplicable creatures, cefan are a source of great contention amongst sages and scholars; some believe them to be fey or primal beings that simply do not obey the current laws of the world, while others contend that they are nothing more than the warped spawn of magic gone awry. Those who must actually deal with the cefan, however, are little concerned with the details.

Cefan, when initially encountered, resemble humanoid skeletons some three or four feet tall possessing distinct bestial traits; claws, a long bony tail, and a muzzle filled with sharp broken teeth are the most common. When skeletal a cefan attacks with claws and bite for 1d4 and 1d6 hit points, and it may also choose to create a dust of bones once a day (effects as per dust devil).

However, defeating the skeletal cefan is not the end. Anywhere from a few heartbeats to an hour after it has been destroyed, a cefan’s shattered bones draw themselves back together — and then cloak themselves in living flesh, bright tufts of fur and glimmering blue-black scales. This now-living cefan may cast falling star twice per day and can unerringly track its killer.