HP: 6D6
Num: 1-4
Spd: 4
Dmg: 2d6
Def: 8
Soak: 15
CL: 7

From a distance, or in bright light that brings the brassy highlights out in its metallic fleece, a ferrun may be mistaken for one of many legendary beasts famed for their immensely valuable — and usually golden — coats. But woe be to the unwary treasure-seeker that approaches one of the steelrams with thoughts of easy gain; the ferrun’s dense wool is more akin to brass-flecked iron, and its four curling horns are as hard and sharp as steel. Worse still, the beast has a taste for metals to constantly enrich itself and has no qualms about attacking any available source.

When closing for combat, a ferrun attacks with its rack of horns and inflicts 2d6 points of damage with every successful strike. Once the beast is confronted with a significant amount of metal, however — a substantial weapon, or swathes of exposed chainmail or plate — it changes tactics, alternating goring attacks with savage bites for 1d8 points of damage. If the ferrun’s bite attack inflicts six or more points of damage, it has destroyed one of its victim’s metallic possessions (usually weapon, then armour) and it will pause for 1d4 rounds to consume its prize.


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HP: 10D6
Num: 1-2
Spd: 9
Dmg: 2d10
Def: 15
Soak: 10
CL: 11

An abomination by any definition of the word, the narakhaj has the form of a melding of mammoth centipede and serpentine dragon. Its multitude of jointed legs are tipped with reptilian talons, and its neck — made up of ribbed and spiked segments identical to its rippling body and lashing tail — terminates in a draconic head crowned with dozens of horns and lashing antennae, its jaws unfolding into a fang-lined maw. The wings of only half of the narakhaj population are present, filmy and insectile; and very rarely are they actually functional.

Narakhaj are vicious but not terribly patient nor cunning creatures and will attack any likely targets. A narakhaj does not fight with jaws or — directly — its claws, instead coiling around a victim and crushing it with its limbs and armoured plating for 2d20 hit points of damage. One in four narakhaj, perhaps having a stronger taint of the draconic in their blood, possess the ability to spew caustic venom to a range of 100′, inflicting 5d10 hit points of damage to any caught in the 5′ wide stream. This “venomous breath” may only be used twice a day.