HP: 2d8 + 2
Num: 3d8
Spd: 4
Dam: 1d4
Def: 5
Soak: 5
CL: 3

Elemental spirits of hostile and territorial bent, frosts – called kkrrikkl in their own language – resemble angular frameworks of ice splinters bound into a roughly humanoid form by “growths” of granular snow. Their faces are featureless, save for two patches of blue-tinted ice that serve for eyes. These elementals gather in packs (commonly referred to as “blizzards”), despite being not at all gregarious in nature — a blizzard of frosts does not work together, save by accidential circumstance. Though they do not melt in non-freezing environments, being removed from their icy homes causes frosts to lash out at anything around them; within their native terrain it may be possible to negotiate with a kkrrikkl.

In combat a frost creates icy projectiles which it throws at its adversaries, inflicting 1d4 hit points of damage per attack with a range of 100′. More dangerous is its aura of killing cold; any coming within melee range of a frost is subjected to 1d6 hit points of damage. When pressed into melee, a frost will resort to attacking with its icicle-like claws, which also inflict 1d4 hit points of damage.

Frosts take no damage from cold but double damage from fire. They receive a +2 bonus to resistance rolls against other forms of magic.


Wellstone Awaits!

This summer, Silver Gryphon Games is holding its 1st Annual Writing Contest! The focus of this year is our overwhelmingly popular setting of Wellstone City for both the Æther and the Savage Worlds game systems.

Here’s what we want:
We are looking for short role-playing works dealing with Wellstone City. The target page count is five pages. We are looking for detailed scenes, locations, and people in those five pages, not full adventures. The subject matter of the scene is up to you, but the affiliations and goals of the people involved should all be spelled out, as well as possible consequences of different outcomes of the actions of the PCs.

Submissions are being taken from June 1st to August 31st of this year. Through September we will be judging the submissions, and October, all of the accepted submissions will be published.

Here’s what you get:
You get a shot at fortune and glory! The top three submissions will be paid. The top submission will be paid $75 (US), 2nd place will be given $50, and the third submission will be given $25 for their efforts. All participants that follow the rules will be published, and will be given full credit for their work.

Sound good? There are some other things we have to tell you.

Contest Rules
1. Read, understand, and follow our submission guidelines, found at the following link: Submission Guide

2. Format your document according to the Style Guide, found at the following link: Style Guide

3. Have a good working knowledge of the Wellstone City Setting and adventures that have already been released. Your scene should have the weight, punch, and feel of the setting.

4. You may submit multiple times through the duration of the contest. However, only one of your submissions will be considered for a cash prize.

5. Employees and close friends or family of employees of Silver Gryphon Games are not eligible to win but may submit entries for the contest.

6. All entries must be received between 12:01 AM, June 1, 2011 and 11:59 PM, August 31, 2011, Central Time, US (-6 hours, GMT). Entries received before or after that time frame may be published, but will not be eligible for a cash prize.

7. By entering, you are authorizing Silver Gryphon Games to use your name and work in any way we see fit from this point forward, including promotion and creation of derivative works. Silver Gryphon games becomes the owner of the work at time of submission.

8. Winners will be notified via email after they have been determined by the judges. At that time, a method of payment will be set up with each winner and will be paid prior to the 15th of October.

9. You must be at least 18 years of age, or submit to Silver Gryphon Games a release from a legal guardian or parent that states that they are aware of the contest, the subject matter, and the potential for the winning of the cash prize.

10. Void where prohibited by law.


The May Update

May has been a busy month for us, but you may not have noticed. Much of what we did this month has been behind the scenes as we streamline internal processes to make everything else flow easier. One of our biggest additions behind the scenes has been the addition of our Community Manager, Treasure Overmyer. She graciously accepted the position which serves to let you (our community) know what is happening more efficiently and effectively, and through more outlets than we have previously been able to utilize. She’s still coming into the role, but you should expect some very big news and a lot more involvement in the community from her in the near future.

Our forums have been made much more user friendly. Go on out, ask some questions, meet some people, tell some game stories, and have some fun! That’s what it’s all about, so dive in!

We are in the process in the immediate future of slightly revamping the website. Overall, it won’t change much from the way it appears now, but the content will be updated. We are also going to be making some changes to our store, but it is fully functional and as secured by PayPal so it is good to go for all of your gaming purchase needs from Silver Gryphon Games.

We have some more big news coming up, so hang tight and hold on, this summer is going to rock!



HP: 2d8
Num: 2d6
Spd: 2
Dam: 1d10
Def: 15
Soak: 10
CL: 4

Creatures of the earth, gebur — though possessing dense flesh, if one somehow gets past their outer shell — are best described as resembling athletic elves with a distinctly reptilian cast to their features and the hint of a scaly pattern on the surface of their skin. None would mistake a gebur for an elf, even a reptilian one, however; not after taking in the creature’s glittering crystal eyes, and the smooth slowing malachite that makes up skin, hair, even teeth and nails. Not the most gregarious of creatures, gebur are seldom found in numbers greater than a dozen or so — but those small groups fiercely defend one another. The only thing which will provoke a greater defensive fury is the theft of gebur egg-buds, and as those smooth ovals of semi-precious stone are all too tempting to outsiders, clashes can be quite common.

Forsaking weaponry unless magic has been somehow acquired — and spellcasters among their kind are exceedingly rare and revered — gebur wade into combat with fists swinging. They pack quite a punch; each successful attack inflicts 1d10 points of damage. The smooth stony skin of a gebur offers elemental protection as well as defense against mundane injury; all damage from fire or electricity is halved, and a gebur gains +3 to physical resistance rolls against earth-based magics of all kinds.



HP: 2d6
Num: 1-10
Spd: fly 12
Dmg: 1d4
Def: 9
Soak: 3
CL: 3

Otherworldly creatures – not quite spirit, not quite elemental – the niirun are eternally in flight, their scores of gold and onyx shards orbiting in complex and ever shifting patterns around the snow-orange flames of their burning core. Niirun may appear suddenly, in virtually any environment and with no discernable pattern to their “choices”; some speculate that the creatures are not even aware and their actions are merely rote responses, though others believe their awareness is merely alien and some form of enchantment may allow proper communication.

Regardless of the truth, niirun do attack when provoked – and, sometimes, even when merely approached. Up to four of the niirun’s razor sharp shards may be brought to bear in a single round, launched from their orbit as if fired from a shortbow to inflict 1d4 hit points of damage each; or, if the creature prefers, it may cast the equivalent of hold creature as six shards orbit a chosen target and weave an elaborate brightwarp of confining, solid light.

Very rarely a niirun will appear and approach an injured individual, launching a single golden shard that upon impact heals 2d6 hit points of damage rather than causing injury. Unfortunately this “attack” may often be misinterpreted by allies of the wounded subject, and if combat results the niirun will reclaim its energies and then some, inflicting 2d8 hit points of damage on the formerly-healed creature in the form of sparkling fragments drawn out of the body and into the niirun’s core.


April was busy!

We had one of our best months ever in April, and it was a great way to start out the Spring. We are looking forward to having another great month in May, and we have some great news about the site as well as some future releases for the month. We’ll have more on that as we get closer to them, but in the mean time, feel free to check out the forum, tell us who you are and drop us a line, ask a question, or just start a random conversation.

Don’t forget to visit the store! While we have expanded our paperbacks into our sites like DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, and we intend to widen your shopping options even further in the next coming months, we will continue to serve your needs directly through our own very secure sales point. If you’re looking for free stuff, we have expanded our Extras section with new character sheets, an Æther update, and even our free adventure, Hotel Babylon for Savage Worlds and Æther.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for new Wellstone City Updates as well as new creature entries from Erin Bisson for Ingenium! We have some exciting things in the work for the next few weeks and we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!