Beast: Pardalis

HP: 7d8
Num: 1
Spd: 4
Dam: 2d8
Def: 6
Soak: 10
CL: 8

The pardalis is a creature of beauty and refinement, a great cat whose rusty pelt is marked with pinkish rosettes like flower petals and whose golden-green eyes reveal only a quiet patience and the gleam of an almost sphinx-like intelligence. With small fangs and delicate claws poorly suited for tearing flesh, the pardalis appears almost harmless — which is exactly what the cat wants. An ambush predator of the highest order, it waits until it has sent its prey into deep sleep before sinking its blood-siphon into their flesh. Brave souls may approach a pardalis for its advice and sage wisdom, but wiser souls know to bring a gift of fine ornaments or freshly-spilled blood — or both — or else risk being treated as any other potential meal.

Unless pressed in the extreme, a pardalis will never attack another creature without attempting to subdue its prospective victim. Twice an hour a pardalis may breathe out a cloud of opalescent, sweetly scented mist; this dreaming mist causes any caught within its 20’ radius to fall into a deep slumber for ten minutes to an hour unless a successful Willpower check is made (at a -2 penalty to the roll). Once presented with subdued prey, or if forced to defend itself, the pardalis unfurls its blood-siphon — a long, rippling and vein-like lash tipped with a hollow “claw”, normally retracted beneath the tongue — and attacks for 1d8 hit points of damage, drawing blood from the wound through the siphon. If the pardalis deals 4 or more hit points of damage the siphon attaches and damage is automatic each round until the cat drains half its hit points in damage, the siphon is severed or the victim dies. A pardalis’ blood-siphon possesses 7 hit points, and has a Defense of 5 and a Soak of 4.


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We’re trimming the fat from the site. Visitors over the next few days and weeks will notice that we are making what may appear to be very minor changes to the layout, and we are making it more user friendly to boot. These changes are long-overdue, but Ben and Kevin have blocked aside time to work on these much-needed updates.

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If you find yourself with a couple of hours of time on your hands this summer, why not hit our Summer Writing Competition and try your hand at writing a Scene for Wellstone City. The contest rules and details are in the lower right hand corner, just right over there, next to what you’re reading now!


Elemental: Oorien

HP: 6d8
Num: 1
Spd: 4
Dam: 1d6
Def: 7
Soak: 4
CL: 8

Creatures composed of pearly bubbles of frozen breath suspended in one or more hovering watery rings of emerald green, the oorien travel to the physical world for two purposes: to breed, and to control. Oorien use their pearl spheres to dominate their victims — preferably human or at least humanoid, but any creature may conceivably serve the elemental’s purpose — and, once a critical mass of dominated victims is achieved, a second and lesser elemental is spawned from the first, leaving behind a bubble-less ring added to the “parent”. This ring gradually fills with pearls as time goes on. It is possible for entire small villages, or organizations such as bandit packs and insular guilds, to be under the control of an oorien, and at times one creature may use its pawns against another of its kind as a form of competition or acquisition of territory.

Faced with combat, an oorien launches bolts of liquid at incredible speed, inflicting 1d6 hit points of damage. The creature prefers to attack with a pearl whenever possible, however, ejecting the bubble violently from its substance; this attack also inflicts 1d6 damage, but if the victim fails a mental resistance check its will falls under the oorien’s command. This control is unaffected by distance unless the victim leaves its currently inhabited dimension. The creature may choose to delay exerting its control if it wishes, allowing the victim to believe they are unaffected.

When an oorien has claimed a number of victims equal to half its hit points, it spawns a second elemental with half the hit points of the parent.


The First Annual Summer Writing Contest has Begun!

From now until August 30th, we are hosting a summer writing contest, and we hope this becomes a standing tradition going forward, but that all depends on you! This year’s writing contest revolves around Wellstone City, and scenes and locations there. Each scene should be about 5 pages, have an NPC, a location, and some kind of connection to the crime families and/or organizations of Wellstone City.

The official details are listed in the lower right section of our website, where you can normally find the Wellstone City Update. However, they will stay up right there until the end of summer so you have readily available. There is also a dedicated forum thread where all of your questions can be asked and answered.

So get on it today! Win some money! For those of you who are old hands at this, have some fun, and for those of you who are just starting to expand your writing horizons, get some experience! Wellstone was designed to be added to by the community, and now, we want to give some back through cold hard cash for the top three spots. Read the rules, stand and deliver, and be immortalized in gaming history!