Ultra-rare Thursday Update

We have rolled back to the old forums. They are more user-friendly for everyone and provide a better forum experience for you. We have captured pretty much all of the old data from the formerly new forum and put it into the old forum. The link above in the menu bar works just fine for getting back there.

Unfortunately we couldn’t transfer over users.

For those of you who had accounts in the formerly new forum but not in the original forum, we are sorry! Email us and we’ll get you a 20% off coupon for the Silver Gryphon Store!


Welcome back after the holiday!

We survived the weekend, and all of us at Silver Gryphon had an outstanding time with our friends and families; we hope you did as well. Unfortunately that means that we took a break from our game writing for the weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation. Fortunately, that means that we’re geared up and ready to rock and roll on some adventures, settings, and supplements!

We started two other things over the weekend, one of which is a short advertisement video for our Wellstone City setting. You can check it out on YouTube. Be sure to tell us what you think of it! It’s rough right now, but if we get a good response out of it, we will make more in the future! Also, Kevin started posting the Æther Setting Generator setting of the day in the Silver Gryphon forum. Check them out, Kevin is adding one every morning (Central Time, US) and we welcome your comments on them!

We’ve got some movement on an artist for A Thule and His Money, as well as maps on two other projects. Kevin’s got a lot coming up this summer and so does Ben, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know what to expect from us and when!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

It’s the last weekend in May, and for us here in the United States, that means a three-day weekend for Memorial Day. For a lot of us that means that summer is finally here (three weeks earlier than when it actually starts) and that means grilling and swimming and long summer nights of hanging out with friends and family.

Memorial Day is really for those who have served our country, however, and remembering the fallen men and women who have laid down their lives in the name of serving America during times of strife and war. We take our hats off to those brave souls…without people willing to do that, we would not be able to be doing what we love to do most.

In order to honor our fallen, we are taking 25% off everything at DriveThru RPG and at our own Store. Please note that our special coupon offer for anyone who likes us on Facebook will work in conjunction with our newest sale, so you save even more! Head there now, click on our Fan Exclusives tab and get this coupon today! The sale runs through Monday!

Speaking of Facebook, we have started to release a randomly generated Æther setting each day, using the setting generator found in the Æther Core Book. This will be a Facebook only release, so head on out, check it out, and hit that little button labeled “like” as soon as you can!

We will be having lots of news shortly about Silver Gryphon t-shirts, the possibilities of dice bags, and even what may be the first translation of a Silver Gryphon product into a foreign language!

Party safe this weekend!


Happy Friday!

If you’ve been following us at all, you know we’ve been hitting Friday releases pretty hard for the last several weeks straight now. We’re taking a little break from that this week, and the reason is just that there’s a lot going on and we’re working hard on reducing the number of irons we have in the fire.

That having been said, we have a number of really cool things in process. First up is Kevin’s pulp adventure, A Thule and His Money. We’re getting some art work revamped for it and we’re hoping for a release for Savage Worlds the last week of May, with Æther following the week behind. Starting in June, we’re going to take our first foray into some Silver Gryphon apparel, and we’ll have the ability to start taking pre-orders for a limited edition Silver Gryphon t-shirt. Eiridia is getting some major work done to it, as well as several adventures that support it, some are written by Ben, others by Kevin.

We have a few other major news items in play, some more product releases coming up that we’ll be talking about as they approach in June, and all kinds of opportunities for fans.

Speaking of Fans…we re-established the 25% off coupon for fans of our Facebook page! It’s a coupon that’s only good at our Store, and we welcome you to take advantage of that! And, as always, if you have a few minutes, check out our Forum, introduce yourself, and meet some of the other Silver Gryphon Fans and Staff!


Two Releases today!

We released Ranch Raid for the Æther system today! It’s been selling like hotcakes at DriveThru RPG and was in their top 20, almost their top 10 for small press publishers last week for the Savage Worlds version. We’re pretty sure we can do the same thing this week with the Æther version! We’re having a slight technical difficulty with it being uploaded to DriveThru RPG right now, but it’s available at our store:

Wellstone City Chronicles – Ranch Raid (Æther)

As soon as we have everything straightened out with DriveThru RPG, we will definitely have another map bundle with Fabled Environments!

Our other release today was Dave Baymiller: he has decided to end his role at Silver Gryphon Games as our Staff Editor. Dave has his finger prints on pretty much everything we’ve released in the last 2 years, and his additions to our products will be sorely missed. It will now be up to Ben Overmyer to disambiguify Kevin’s…er…unique usage of words and take the front lines on Kevin’s never-ending War With the Comma. Kevin, in the mean while, will be engaged with Ben’s writing in a similar manner until we can locate another Staff Editor willing to work with us here at Silver Gryphon Games. Farewell, Dave, you shall be missed!


Silver Gryphon Games wants YOU!

We are currently looking for Demo GMs to run games for us at large game weekends, gaming days at game shops, and conventions! While the Demo GMs are not employees of Silver Gryphon Games, you will be eligible for contests within the Demo GM group, you will have the opportunity to earn free publications and swag from Silver Gryphon Games, and you will be able to make your mark on the gaming community!

There’s lots of details, not too many rules, and lots of potential for a lot of fun! On top of that, you tell us what you want to run at conventions and we will get you started with a paperback copy of either Zombacalypse, Wellstone City, Æther, or Ingenium, just to get you kick-started even faster! This offer has been open to our Facebook Fans for about a week now, but now we’re opening up the opportunity to you!

Click Here to visit the recruitment center, and then Hit the Forum as well! We look forward to seeing how many Demo GMs we can get, and international applicants are more than welcome and appreciated! But, time is short, applications are cut off on May 18th so we can make decisions here at Silver Gryphon Games, mail product as needed, and get you up and running before June!


Ranch Raid for Savage Worlds is Ready!

The sixth Wellstone City Chronicle, Ranch Raid takes the PCs out of their normal playground of Wellstone and puts them just over the border into Mexico for some much needed down-time within the City. While things are cooling down in the largest metropolis in the South, things are heating up quickly just over the Rio Grande. With the rules fast and loose, the PCs can really come off the rails and cause some damage, all with little repercussions back home!

This 15 page adventure contains NPCs, a location detailed exquisitely by our friends at Fabled Environments, and even vehicles and new weapons are present in this adventure! Get it today from Silver Gryphon Games!

Silver Gryphon Store

DriveThru RPG


Behind the Scenes

The hits just keep on coming here at Silver Gryphon Games! We just ended our annual “We Don’t Hate our Customers” Sale and we really owe a huge thanks to each of our customers who gave us business last month. We cut our prices to the bone in gratitude for all of you supporting us so that we can do what we love to do: put out some of the best adventures, settings, systems, and supplements in the hobby today. So, from all of us here at Silver Gryphon, we thank you, and we can’t wait to get back to April 1st of 2013 and do it all again!

We’ve been busy bees at Silver Gryphon this last month, a trend we plan on continuing. Dave is busily finishing some adventures he’s had in the pike for a while; one of which turned into a 30 page monster from what was supposed to be a 6 page quick pick-up game. We’ll get those out to you as soon as we can! Ben is putting the finishing touches on the layout for Ranch Raid, the 5th Wellstone City Chronicle, while Kevin is putting the finishing touches on writing A Thule and His Money, which is next up to be released after Ranch Raid. We’d been quiet for so long that we’re trying to get as much out as we can without overwhelming you or running ourselves out of steam.

We also have a very special offer going on, and it’s only going on through the 18th of this month. This excellent opportunity is first being offered to our Facebook Fans, and Monday of next week (May 7th) it will be open to the general public. Want to know more? Check out our Facebook Page and see what a huge percentage of our friends and fans on Facebook are already talking about!

In the mean time, kick back, relax, and don’t forget to browse what we have to offer at the store and hit our forum so we can get to know you better!