Standard Fantasy Races in Ingenium

Twelve years ago, when I wrote the very first version of what would become Ingenium, it was filled with standard fantasy races. It had dwarves, halflings, a variety of elves, and no less than twelve dragon races for PCs. Dragons have since become the big villains of the Eiridia setting, and are vastly more powerful than any PC should ever be starting out.

When Ingenium first edition was close to being released, it had no standard fantasy races at all, other than humans. Elves and dwarves were added as an afterthought right before the manuscript was finalized and sent to layout.

With Ingenium Second Edition, that’s going to be changing, and massively. No less than four new races are being added, and existing ones that haven’t received the treatment they deserved are being fleshed out. And, just because I like the British spelling better, “dwarves” are becoming “dwarfs.” Elves remain elves, however.

Eiridia is a unique fantasy setting. Standard fantasy races play little part in it. However, there’s no reason that Ingenium can’t offer those races to gamers used to having them. Count on the Ingenium treatment to be slightly different, though!


It’s Friday!!!!

There’s been a lot announced this week, and a lot that is going on, as you are well aware! There are a number of things that we are participating in that are wrapping up soon, and some new endeavors that we’re starting. We’ll get to the new endeavors next week, today we’ll highlight some of the things that are starting to wrap up.

The Michael Rohan Memorial Bundle at DriveThru RPG has just about run its course. This bundle, spearheaded by Fabled Environments will have all of the proceeds donated to the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund which will help fund families to give their children swimming lessons, help train lifeguards, and provide CPR lessons as well. The bundle has almost 300 dollars worth of gaming material in it and a ton of Freebies from a lot of companies, and we urge you to check it out before the 30th of the month and it’s gone forever! It’s just 12 bucks!

Next up is the Christmas in July sale at DriveThru RPG, which we are participating in! Through the 30th of July, you can take 25% off all of our products at DriveThru RPG. The Michael Rohan Bundle is exempted from this, but it’s a great opportunity to check out our Diabolical Traps, Wellstone City, Ingenium, or Æther! We don’t have very many sales where we take this much off our product, so see what we have in PDF and Paperback today!

Last and never least is our very first Kickstarter Project, Official Silver Gryphon Dice! We were funded in less than 30 hours and we’re about to (at the time of writing this) hit our first stretch goal, which means we’ll be working with Crystal Caste to bring you high quality dice imprinted with the Silver Gryphon logo! We still have a couple of stretch goals to go, and the more of those that are completed, the more awesome the dice get! Check it out and throw down for your very own set of Silver Gryphon Dice!

That’s it for today, stay tuned for next week when we announce a few product releases and a few other gems!


Ingenium Second Edition

Ingenium Second Edition Logo

Two years past the release of the first printing of Ingenium, we’ve collected a veritable mountain of notes garnered from playing the game, interacting with fans, and hacking at half-baked house rules. Last year, we released a batch of these notes as the Ingenium Errata.

While Ingenium is a great, enjoyable game, it’s clear that it needs a lot more than a few tweaks. Player characters, if built correctly, can reach god-killing power at level 10, rather than level 20 as intended. Races and professions are slightly unbalanced. The monsters section, while packed with fun creatures, is primarily new creations that have no illustrations or other frame of reference. We’ve also learned a great deal about art and layout since it was first released.

For these and other reasons, we’re making a significant alteration to the existing rulebook. It’s so massive that we can’t properly call it a new printing. With forty pages added on to the original book, a wealth of new artwork, new indexes, and a brief introduction to the upcoming Eiridia setting, Ingenium Second Edition is going to be amazing.

Now, those of you who have purchased the First Edition don’t need to feel left out in the cold. A good portion of the rules changes in Second Edition will be released as a new errata document for First Edition for free, so you’ll be able to use the new rules without having to repurchase the rulebook. Before the new edition hits, we’ll also be releasing the General Talent Sourcebook 2 and an as-yet-unmentioned small sourcebook. Then, Second Edition will be out, and we’ll finish the year for Ingenium with the release of the Eiridia campaign setting.

For the rest of the year, then, you can look forward to a new Ingenium release once a month.


Well, that was fast!

Yesterday we had our announcement about our very first Kickstarter for Silver Gryphon dice. Today, we are updating you by saying that it has been funded, and the support just keeps on coming! We actually had to double the number of limited awards to accommodate the pledges that we continue to get! There are still a few of the high-end gifts left, so don’t be shy and check it out!

We added some stretch goals as well, just to sweeten the pot! Be sure you click the link to check it out and help us get some awesome Silver Gryphon swag going!


Our Kickstarter iniative is up and running!

We’ve been hinting at a Kickstarter for some time now, and we’re very happy to announce that it is up and running! We invite you to take a look at it by clicking here and seeing what we have to offer you! If you can’t wait for the big tip off, it’s Silver Gryphon Dice! We’re excited to be doing this and it’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time! Check it out, leave a comment, and see if there’s any of the participation levels that grab you!

Also, along with that, we have started a new section in our Extras section specifically to honor our Kickstarter supporters. We are humbled by the support and excited for what is to come! We thank you all for making sure that things like this can be done, and for all of the crowd-sourcing initiatives that are out there!

More will be coming this week on three new product releases! If you haven’t checked out our Facebook Page yet, why not do it after checking out the Kick Starter Project? There are all kinds of fan-only deals that we do, including extra coupon offers for the Silver Gryphon Store and starting very soon, some fan-only freebies!


The Friday Round Up

We’ve been quiet this week, and it’s because we have a lot of ongoing projects that we’re putting the final touches on. We are waiting for our first crowdsourcing effort to be finalized so we can get some awesome Gryphon swag coming your way. We have a few products that we’re finishing up, the least of which is the Æther version of Death of the Prophet, a freebie for Wellstone City for all of our Æther fans. And speaking of fans, we hit 500 (and rising daily!) fans on Facebook! For that, we have a special thank you for all of our fans, and if you haven’t become a fan yet, why not? And, something else about our fans….

We were nominated for Fan’s Favorite Publisher for the second time, two years in a row! For those of you who are unacquainted with the ENnie Awards, they’re basically one of the highest honors in the industry, along with the Origins Awards. This nomination means that we stand proud in a field of about 40 other publishers chosen as the top fan-favorite publishers in the world. Take the time to vote, check out the products, and keep your eye out for us next year because we plan on having a ton of product to submit for voting!

Our Product Spotlight, also a feature we’re utilizing through the Facebook Page, is still up and we are still featuring Ingenium and will continue to do so until next week Wednesday! Response has been great this last week, so check it out and see what everyone is raving about!

We have some more great stuff in the pipe, and keep your eye open for more releases, including a very special Facebook Fan, only offer!

Keep those dice rolling!


New Wellstone Freebie and More!

We’re ending the week with a product release, a freebie this time around! Death of the Prophet is a scene in Wellstone, a building razing, with multiple different takes on how it could be handled by different groups. It shows you that working for the syndicates in Wellstone City isn’t the only option to be had in the Shining Metropolis of the South! Check it out at the Silver Gryphon Store or at DriveThru RPG!

We’ve been dropping clues about a Kickstarter project, and everything is falling into place on that. We hope to update you on that on Monday, and it should be pretty awesome! We don’t need much to get this one funded and we should have a good time doing it as well.

Kevin’s got a couple more releases lined up for the next few weeks and he and Ben are both pounding on projects behind the scenes. It shouldn’t take much to start seeing some product rolling out, and if this crowdsourcing endeavor pans out, you should see more of them in the future so we can take our product to the next level! Keep up with us on Facebook and watch us race to 500 Fans! When that hits, we will have a special birthday treat for you, delivered on your birthday, compliments of Silver Gryphon Games! But that’s only available for fans, so tell your friends to get on it today!


Up and Coming!

It’s been a while since we’ve released anything, longer than we would like, so here’s a quick peek at what is coming up. Kevin is working on Death of the Prophet, a freebie for Wellstone City that gives you several adventure hooks all linked into a single incident. That has been edited and is being laid out, and it should be available for the Æther and Savage Worlds systems over the next two weeks, with a separate release for each system. Kevin is working on a freebie adventure for our Facebook Fans and that is being done in conjunction with Fabled Environments, so that should be a great little adventure!

Ben also has some things in the pipe, a second General Talents source book for Ingenium, and much like the first one, this one will be free. He’s putting the finishing touches on Eiridia, and we hope to have a big announcement about that in the very near future. He has some adventures in the works as well, some of which were play tested at this last convention and they are in the final stages of completion as well.

We have some other projects to announce that are RPG related, but are not specifically RPGs themselves, so keep your eyes opened for those as well!

Stay tuned, and keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Kant Con Wrap up!

We’re going to forget some of the people that we met over the weekend. We are not going to remember everything exactly as it happened, but Kant Con promised to be bigger this year than last, and it delivered! We had an absolute blast down there, and we played a lot of games between Æther, Ingenium, and Savage Worlds. None of us managed to get in a game with Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment, but it sounds like there is a chance for that opportunity in the future as we hit a few more cons. We all had a great time chatting with him as well as Cape Rust, who had some very interesting insight on the industry. Those were the two heavy-hitters we talked to, and there were dozens of other men and women that had great stories, good advice, and made the Con very, very enjoyable. We also talked with the other vendors that were there and they were great as well! It was awesome to see some familiar faces and to meet some new vendors in the RPG industry and/or those who cater to gamers and our eccentricities.

We made some significant changes to the booth in the past year, and it’s almost to where we want it, but we have a few more design modifications to make before we’re 100% satisfied with this incarnation of it. Kevin already has plans for the next version, but that could be a long way down the road.

The Kant Con staff treated all of the vendors very well, and it is a great convention to go to. It’s a long haul for us to get there, but it is worth it. This year the Silver Gryphon crew had four staff members there (Allen Thiele, Ben Overmyer, Kevin Rohan, and Kristina “Yuki” Ramos), as well as 8 other friends and guests. Everyone had an amazing time.

This was only the fourth year that they had this convention, and every year attendance keeps growing and there is more and more to do. It is a fantastically good time, and we highly recommend putting it on your calendars for next year. I haven’t heard the official date yet, but I am imagining that it will probably be the 5-7th of July. Keep your eyes peeled for news on that one!


Happy Independence Day, America!

Today is the 4th of July, a day that America celebrates it’s independence! It’s also a special day because it’s an extra press release from us here at Silver Gryphon Games, and we’re using it to draw attention to the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund.

We’ve been pretty quiet about it, all things considered, but we have been working with our friends at Fabled Environments to coordinate a PDF bundle through DriveThru RPG to support the fund. The fund is going to help train lifeguards, help families pay for swimming lessons, help provide CPR training, and help with grief counseling locally, but if we can get enough money in it, we have some big plans to expand that out of our immediate vicinity.

For more information on the bundle, and details of what is in the bundle, go out to DriveThru RPG. There are publishers adding to this, literally every day, and if you are a publisher and want to contribute, contact us and we’ll get you the information you need. For those of you who have purchased the bundle, it will automatically update the bundle’s contents, so keep checking. The bundle is $12.00 (US) and has nearly $270 worth of product in it from about 20 different publishers, and as I said, that number grows daily. Yesterday alone saw over $50 and 5 publishers adding material.

The bundle won’t be around forever, and all of the proceeds from it go directly to Michael’s fund! If nothing else, it’s an awesome opportunity to get an amazing sampling of the RPG world in general, especially Savage Worlds; there have been a ton of licensees that have added to the bundle!

Thank you all, so much!


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