Weekend Update!

Holy cow! Our Kickstarter was a huge success! We completely blew past any expectations we had for what we would raise for this project. As a result, we will have official Silver Gryphon dice for sale in the store before Christmas! We’ve had a ton of questions about the dice via the Kickstarter system, but one that has gone unasked and unanswered (before now) is, “if you’re offering dice in the future as product, what makes these special?” The answer: we will never run the dice in the same color pattern. The Kickstarter dice will be unique in that aspect.

We will have lots of updates on where we are with the pledge awards in the coming days. We will keep everyone as up-to-date as possible on what’s going on with the manufacturing process as well, and finally, with shipping once we have the dice ready to go. One thing is for sure, with over 200 backers, we’re going to keep the post office very, very busy when we send these out!

A lot of what we’ve been doing has been revolving around the Kickstarter and, well, it was a major project for us. We still have our Facebook fan page up and going strong, with tons of freebies for our fans, as well as special coupon codes that our fans can use at the Silver Gryphon Store.

In addition to that, we have movement on some major projects, and we’ll have some new updates on them. You already know about the Ingenium revamp, Ingenium 2, but there’s some other stuff on the move at Silver Gryphon that we haven’t had a big news release yet.

We also have a fan-only freebie in the works which will start in September! It is a little birthday present from us here at Silver Gryphon to all of our almost 700 (probably more than that by now!) Facebook Fans! Not only that, but we sweet-talked Fabled Environments into helping out with this one as well!

We’ve been busy and we’re gearing up for an awesome fall and winter here at Silver Gryphon Games! Come along and enjoy the ride!


Ingenium 2 Teaser: The Satyr

One of the new races in Ingenium Second Edition is the Satyr. Mischievous, entertaining, and definitely not your traditional satyr, these guys are one of the races I look forward to playing whenever I’m not GMing. Below you’ll find the entire text of the new race, including its Talent.

Though the format is for Second Edition, you can use this race in your first edition games unmodified.

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August is half over….

It’s been a busy month for us! Our Facebook fan page has been growing by leaps and bounds! We have all kinds of stuff out there that is exclusive to fans, so if you haven’t “liked” us yet, we encourage you to do so! You can get freebies, exclusive offers, fan-only coupons for the Silver Gryphon store, and much more!

Second, our Kickstarter for Silver Gryphon Dice has been wildly successful and we are closing in on what was planned to be our final stretch goal! We still have 8 days to go, there are still a few limited top-end pledge awards left to claim, and there are sets and sets of dice that can be claimed at the lower pledge levels. We have learned a ton from this kickstarter so far, and we will do it in the future to make sure we get projects properly funded so they are the best they can possibly be in terms of production value and physical quality!

Also, we want to wish everyone a great GenCon, and we wish we were there! Next year is definitely in the cards, and we think we’ll have a good shot at a few ENnies next year as well! It was great to be nominated for Fan’s Favorite Publisher again this year, and thank you! Hopefully next year we’ll have a nomination in Best Rule System, Best Setting (twice), Best Supplment, Best Adventure, Best Gaming Accessory, and anything else we can get done in the mean time!

As a quick final note, we’d like to give a quick mention to Aethercon, the online gaming convention! Go to a Con in the comfort of your bathrobe and bunny slippers, use Google+, and Google hang outs to talk with some of the best and brightest in the industry, play some games, talk with vendors, and have a good time! Hit the link to see what’s in store!


Of Stretch Goals and Site Updates…

Happy Wednesday! We have a few news items to pass along here for everyone. First of all, our Kickstarter is doing extremely well, and we pushed past our second stretch goal and are well on our way to the third one. At a target of $5,000, we will get a second, off-color D6 added to the full set, both of them with the Silver Gryphon logo on them. Additionally, since we still have two weeks to go, if this pushes all the way up to $6,500, we will be giving everyone a small bag (it’s fake leather, but it’s a very nice little dice bag) to everyone who ordered a full set of dice! We’ll be pushing pretty hard to get there, but there are a lot of top-end prizes left, and there are of course all of the smaller pledge levels that get you a single D10, a pair of D10s, or even the full set of dice!

Kevin will be doing a few site updates today. Most of you probably won’t notice anything, and they’re largely cosmetic, so nothing major will change. Almost all of what Kevin is doing is store-related, so that’ll be the largest changes that people will see.

As always, follow us on Facebook for all of the up-to-the-minute posts, pictures, comments, and of course, coupons for the store!


Kickstarters, and Releases, and Bundles, Oh My!

Well, you’ve been seeing a lot more news out of us, and that is a very good thing! It means we’re busy, and given the amount of work each of us does on the side during the summers, that’s a pretty huge achievement for us! Thanks for riding along with us, and keep the emails and questions coming, we love to hear from our fans! Now, let’s get to it!

At the time of writing this, our Kickstarter for our Silver Gryphon dice is at $3,621 (US). The project will be funded because our initial goal was $850, but we have several stretch goals in play, one at $4,000 for getting the d10% of the set emblazoned with our logo, and one at $5,000 for getting the d6s for the set done as well. If it continues to grow, we have some in mind for $6,250 and maybe, just maybe one for beyond that. There are a few of our $100 donation levels left, as well as our two high-end levels, but act fast before time runs out! There will be no more pledges available on August 22 when the Kickstarter officially closes!

Work is proceeding on A Thule and His Money, and pending no major issues, we should have it out before the end of August, hopefully sometime in the next two weeks, so keep your eyes open for that! That will be released in both Savage Worlds and an Æther format!

On a more personal note, Kevin would like to thank everyone who bought the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund Bundle last month from Drive Thru RPG, RPG Now, and their affiliates. The bundle was put together by Fabled Environments, and coordinated with the leadership at Drive Thru and RPG Now. The effort put forth by all of the contributors to the bundle was amazing, both in terms of their donations and their promotion for the bundle. The outpouring of support from the fans was incredible as well, and in the end, the $12.00 you gave for the bundle got you a lot of bang for your buck and the sheer number of bundles will help the fund grow and help other families avoid the tragedy that befell the Rohan family back in June of this year. We would like to take the time to list all of the contributors to this bundle, and we hope our fans and those who purchased the bundle did as well. Thank you to all of you.

2000 AD
Arion Games
Avalon Game Company
Bards and Sages
Blackdirge Publishing
Catalyst Game Labs
Contested Ground Studios
Crafty Games
EN Publishing
Fabled Environments
FSpace Productions
Generic Universe Publishing
Goblinoid Games
Imperium Group, LLC
LPJ Design
Khepera Publishing
Majellan Entertainment
Mind Storm Labs
Moonstew, LLC
Mystical Throne Entertainment
Neo Productions Unlimited
Neuwerld Studios
One Monk Miniatures
Onyx Path Publishing
Pinnacle Entertainment
Reality Blurs
Savage Mojo
Scaldcrow Games
Skirmisher Publishing
Triple Ace Games
visioNation studios
White Wolf


A new Gryphon.

Turns out that Crystal Caste’s printing process doesn’t mesh well with our current Gryphon sigil. So, I’m tasked with redesigning the logo that has become somewhat iconic over the past four years. Luckily for me, that means I get to draw lots of gryphons in short succession! Here’s an early pass at a new sigil, which we’ve rejected for looking slightly too chicken-y:

Lots of work to do. The difficulty in redesigning the Sigil is getting the predatory look right; gryphons are most definitely raptors, and our logo needs to reflect that. Here’s a link to a gryphon sketch I did while brainstorming.

Yeah, I’m JollySage on deviantArt. The Eiridia cover art’s over there, and so is the Ingenium cover art, and a bunch of really awful art that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day. But ah well, such is the life of an artist.

If you have ideas about the sigil, and you want to have an impact on the future of Silver Gryphon Games, feel free to make suggestions as comments on this post.


Robert E. Howard and Eiridia

Eiridia is 99% written, with just a portion of the equipment chapter left to go. It’s heavily influenced by my favorite author of all time, Robert E. Howard.

A lot of settings and adventures in the past year or two claim influence by the mighty REH, and rightfully so. The fantasy role-playing game market’s Old School Revival/Revolution movement has a niche movement of its own based around that author. Companies like NUELOW Games, Sword’s Edge Publishing, and of course Pinnacle Entertainment Group have released products heavily influenced by the father of modern sword & sorcery.

So with all this support for Howardian fantasy in RPGs, why release yet another setting influenced by him?

The reason is simple. Howard nailed visceral fantasy action in a way that is perfectly suited to a night of tabletop gaming.

So how does Eiridia draw on that influence? Not from the angle you might think. Most people focus entirely on Howard’s heavy-hitting, emotional style of writing when they try and create RPG products based on it. Nothing wrong with that at all, and Eiridia does some of that. But Eiridia’s primary draw from REH is his fascination with historical fiction.

Hyborea was heavily influenced by real-world cultures and history. The Stygians, for example, had massive similarities to ancient Egyptian society. In Eiridia, there’s no Egyptian analogue, but there is an analog for a number of major historical cultures – including feudal Japan, imperial China, pre-Norman Britain, the Bedouin, and many others.

Both Kevin and myself have a background in scholarly history. We both are fascinated by Earth’s ancient tales, and that influences our GMing styles significantly. Wellstone City is a product of Kevin’s interest in this, and Eiridia is my contribution. I like to twist reality just as much as Kevin does, so Eiridia is substantially modified from Earth – or even from other fantasy settings. It has some of the standard fantasy races, but where other game settings focus on race and class, Eiridia puts the emphasis on culture.

If this kind of setting interests you, keep an eye on this blog, and on my own personal blog, Dicejockey. I’ll be posting notes on how the creation of Eiridia progresses on both platforms.