Projects, Projects, Projects!

Projects, projects, projects!

Good day! We’re working hard here at Silver Gryphon on a number of projects. Before we get into that, we need to address something with Facebook. We hit 1000 fans! The number is still climbing as I type this, and I’m expecting to be up over 1020 before midnight tonight! That’s amazing! We were at 250 in May, we hit 500 at the end of July, and before the end of September we were over 1000! We’re going to do something to celebrate, and we’re making it fan-tastic (Yes, of course I meant the pun)! If you haven’t become a fan of us by hitting the like button on our Facebook page yet, what are you waiting for? We have an awesome coupon for the Store for all of our fans, we have a really awesome birthday adventure for a free birthday gift for all of you (we send the link to all of our fans on their birthday), as well as scores of other stuff! Hit it, tell your friends, and let’s see if we can hit 2000 fans by the end of the year!

I mentioned projects. Kevin is closing the books on A Thule and His Money, a re-formatted Two Bit Thugs, and Camp Wicakini, part III! Ben is working hard on completing an overhaul of the Ingenium system, and we have a few other projects from another author or two that we’re looking forward to getting out! Not only that, but Kevin completed an adventure for the next issue Savage Insider. Check them out when you get a spare second and see that they’re doing for the Savage Community!

One final project…due to our relationship with Fabled Environments we will be carrying maps for some of our adventures: full-sized, professionally printed maps. We are working with them to make this happen, and we will have a limited supply on hand to keep for conventions, but they will be available through our store in the future! All of your favorite Wellstone City adventures with brand new maps! Shiny!

And what would be a shiny new map without a physical copy of the adventure to go along with it? Stay tuned for more news on that…


The Ever Rare Sunday Update!

Well, there’s a few things going on here at Silver Gryphon. First of all, we have a new Staff Editor, Shannon Patrick! Shannon and Kevin have known each other for almost 14 years now, and they’ve had some excellent times gaming with each other. There’s more about Shannon in the About tab (or will be when it gets updated), but we wanted to officially welcome him aboard!

Shannon’s first task was the re-worked Two-Bit Thugs adventure for Wellstone City. He has completed that, Kevin is overlooking the changes, and then he’ll be working on the layout as soon as he’s unchained from the workbench while he makes dice bags for the Kickstarter.

The dice are in production! Kevin will have more updates for that as they come. We’re super excited for this project to come to fruition and we are glad to be working with Crystal Caste on this one. We strongly recommend that you consider them for all of your dice needs, including custom dice!

Ben and Kevin have been working on our next Kickstarter adventure! There will more on that coming up in the very near future! There’s been a lot of excitement over this future project already, and we haven’t really announced that much about it! Stay tuned for more details!

That’s about it for this morning, be on the lookout for a lot of updates, especially about our upcoming conventions and releases! As always, hit our Facebook Fan Page for all of the latest and greatest news, as well as freebies, coupons, and our fan-exclusive birthday adventure!



In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day, we present a special web-release of a new Pirate profession for Ingenium 2 (which, coincidentally also works with the current version of Ingenium)!

Where bandit lords terrorize the roads, pirates raid on the high seas. Owing to the rough nature of crewing a ship and living at sea for days, weeks, or even months on end, pirates tend to be tougher, smarter, and more skilled than their highwayman brethren. They operate mostly along the coastlines, catching solitary merchant ships when they can, and attacking ships with escorts when they have to. The bolder pirate lords, those that control small fleets, will even attack heavily guarded convoys if the loot is worth the risk.

A pirate’s life is hard, short, and brutal. To make up for it, they tend to spend the time not spent in robbing ships by drinking, carousing, and brawling, enjoying themselves as much as possible before their next outing.

Starting Talent Pool: Force
Attribute Bonus: +1 Endurance
Hit Dice: d10

In addition to that, we have some adventures going to the editor! One is for Halloween, and the other will be released during Aethercon. We have a TON more stuff that’s coming up shortly, and it should be an excellent winter for releases!



September 11th holds a special reverence for us here at Silver Gryphon Games, as it does for most Americans and a number of people around the world. Before we get to the meat of this update, all of us here at SGG would like to thank all of the heroes and helpers on this day, 11 years ago. We would also like to give pause to consider the lives that were taken and those that were forever impacted as well.

Having said that, we have some exciting updates. Ben is working on overhauling the website. It won’t be a major content change, and some of the changes will be extremely subtle, such as the font the site uses. We are looking at different store packages so we can find one that is a little more user friendly, both for you and for us. We have some ideas in mind and a target goal of an inception date, and we’ll have more on that coming up!

We are in the process of finding a printer for our smaller adventures, one that’s got quality and can do quantity for our current ordering model. We are revisiting some printers we haven’t used in a while, and we should have an update on that by the end of the week.

Facebook is, as always a happening place! We recently started our Birthday give away adventure, which comes as a freebie to all of our Fans. There is an opportunity to buy a bigger map for the adventure from our friends at Fabled Environments. This adventure is available from now until August 31 of 2013, and then we will put up a new one! If you or some of your gaming friends have birthdays coming up, hit up our Fan Page and hit the Birthday tab. Check out everything else while you’re there and see what else you can find!