Rock and Role: Back in the Day

I started gaming in the early 90’s. That may seem like ancient history to some of you, might be nostalgic for others, and for the rest of you, that might make me just a rookie yet. Back in the day, we didn’t have all the flash and dazzle that are in games today, we didn’t have 1000 prestige classes, and we didn’t have scores of books of to use for player options. When I got into D&D 2nd Edition, there were handbooks for classes and races, but nothing unbalancing or broken were in their pages (except for the Elves Handbook). The biggest advantage was in kits, what was the predecessor of modern prestige classes.

I think games back then required more imagination than the mainstream games of today. You had to decide what you wanted your character to do and how your character reacts and the tactics to use. The role playing itself was much more involved, the game wasn’t as broken. There are still systems today that emulate this level of play; but most seem to gravitate toward being as broken in one direction as possible and hoping that the rest of the party balances that out.

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Happy Friday, and a Release!

It’s a late post for Friday, but we wanted to hold off until we had our newest release primed and ready to go!

Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry

We are proud to announce that we have just released Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry! This is the second adventure specifically for our Ingenium system, and it builds on the Summerfort setting established in A Darkness in Summerfort! Be the bold adventurers who go and investigate a harrowing wild magic that is spiraling out of control, threatening all of the Whitewood Forrest near Summerfort! Solve the mystery of the Wild Magic! Undo the curse that is threatening to consume the Summerfort if it goes unchecked!

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Random Setting of the Week!

Setting Elements: Victorian Age, Stone Age Tech, Heroic, Low Fantasy

Magic was discovered back before Roman times, when the Egyptians and the Etruscans were founding their dynasties and empires. It was found that magic could be made to work more reliably than technology, and the result was that those who had magic became very wealthy, and those who did not became the dregs of society. Large bands of families clumped together in clans and tribes, losing the Bronze Age technology that they had for the most part; the parts they kept became relics of a lost time and items as simple as bronze swords are closely guarded family treasures that have sparked wars.

Inside the cities, magic rules. Everyday technology has been completely replaced by magic. If the thin veneer of magic and civilization were to be flensed from the cities, they would be no better than the scrabbling masses outside their walls. Food is grown with magic, homes are heated with magic, materials are created with magic, and battles are fought with magic. None of the Æthermantic energies are strong, but they are plentiful. The magocracy that runs many of the great empires and kingdoms sees that it stays firmly in power through threats, fear, and maintenance of the status quo.

There are those in the city who are unhappy with the status quo. There are those who feel the Primitives outside the cities have been there long enough and need to be purged. There are those who feel that the mages have been in power long enough. The Primitives find themselves thinking the same things but from a different angle. Why must they be forced to not use magic? Why must they be forced to live outside the comfort of the cities? Why is it that the Aristocrats get to make all of the decisions that affect the world?

War is coming! Choose your side and prepare! Now is the time for heroes to step forward and change the world forever!

This setting was generated using the Random Setting Generator in the Æther Core Book. Want to see how it works for yourself? Check out Æther today in PDF or in Paperback with the PDF!


The Rare Tuesday Update!

It’s pretty rare for us to do a Tuesday Update, but here it is.

The big news here is that our “Keep the Party Rolling” sale has finished! We started this sale after the post-Thanksgiving shop-a-palooza known as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. We took 20% off everything we had in stock, including our paperbacks and dice for the sale. We promised to extend the sale so long as we met certain goals in social media: 2000 fans on Facebook, 2000 followers on Twitter, and 150 Community Members on Google+. We met two of those, but we fell short after a valiant effort on G+, and sadly, that means the party has come to a stop, and prices have returned to normal.

However, not all of our prices returned to normal…

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Rock and Role: When Good Role Playing Kills

Every once in a while you get a player who is seemingly punished for good role playing. They make decisions that are catastrophically bad for themselves or for the party, but it is what the character would do, so they do it. At times like that, it might feel almost like a heroic sacrifice or comedy relief, but either way, it moves the story forward. But what about the times it doesn’t? What about the times the player looks at his sheet and says “There is no way that this character would go along with this plan. It’s like jumping off a bridge onto sharp rocks!”

So the character does something else. Maybe it’s something seemingly innocuous like alternate travel plans; taking an overland route instead of using the make-shift boat to get down river. Maybe the boat seems like a horrible idea, maybe the player played “Oregon Trail” one too many times, maybe the character has a secret water phobia. Sure, traveling overland is about 10 times more dangerous and will take twice as long, but for whatever reason, it makes more sense to the character, the player, or both.

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Wellstone City Wednesday: War is coming

Starting in 2014, we will be offering a new experience for our Wellstone City fans, no matter if you use Æther or Savage Worlds for your preference to run Wellstone in! This will be routed through our social media, focusing on tailoring several experiences in Wellstone City to your personal thoughts, beliefs, and ethics, no matter what creed you have, whether you like the Cross Clan, the Falcassis, The Black Dragons, one of the smaller crime syndicates, or are pure mercenary.

Keep your eye open for what we’re about to do…it will be an experience unlike any offered by any other game company on the market today!

More is coming soon, and war is coming to Wellstone!


Rock and Role: Adapting your Roleing to your Rolling

You did it. You created the perfect character for your playing style, and she’s exactly the type of character you want to play. From attributes to attitude, she’s the perfect incarnation of a character you’ve been dreaming of playing. You bring your new pride and joy to the table, sit down, let the GM have a look at her, and even the GM is impressed. The game starts to unfold; everyone is leaving the shackles of the real world behind them while they get into character for the game session.

Then it’s your turn. It’s your character’s time to shine. The GM practically crafted this situation specifically for you so everyone understands exactly why your character was made and why you wanted to play her. You state your action, everyone is impressed, and you have a huge smile on your face as you pick up your dice and drop them on the table.

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Happy Friday!

Hey everyone, we have a lot going on right now, so let’s just get to it!


We have two releases coming up, and both of them are for Ingenium! The first is Tower of Fate, an Adventure in a Con styled adventure for the Summerfort setting of Ingenium! Handled almost exclusively by Ben Overmyer, you should keep your eyes open for more news of this coming in the next few days. The second is a collaborative effort between Ben and Kevin, Master Nicholas and the Wayward Wizardry, a wintery tale of intrigue, investigation, and darkness. This adventure is also centered in the Summerfort mini-setting and we think you’ll have a great time with both of these adventures!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like….

…well, you know what it’s beginning to look like.

Yesterday we told you about our 25 Days of Christmas, and today we’d like to remind you that it’s been a great year! All of that has been made possible by you, our fans, and we love that so much! We’ve been to a ton of new conventions and met some great fans, made quite a few new ones, and we’re looking forward to that and more next year!

But we’re not done with this year yet!

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Our 25 Days of Christmas Giveaways and Promos!

25 days collage

We’re looking forward to the holidays and we want to share our excitement with our fans. Each day from December 1st through December 25th, we’ll be giving away a copy of one of our titles. Wellstone City for Savage, many Æther titles, Ingenium and more!
All you have to do is check out our Facebook page (also  G+ or Twitter!) and like, comment or share the post of the day. We’ll be posting these at 8:30 am EST every day but Saturday when you can find it around 12:30!

In addition, we’ll be placing the title on sale for the day… at 30% off so everyone has a chance to get their hands on it before Christmas! Remember, once the day is over it’s too late! These prices will be available at our store  as well as at Drive Thru RPG.

If you already own the title or want to take advantage of the sale but still want to play, go ahead! We’re happy to swap out the title for something you don’t yet have!

Happy Holidays!!! Fa la la la la!


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