Who’s Next?!

Well, Vermincon is behind us, and we’ve got it locked into our con schedule for next year. There have been some dramatic improvements over the last few years, the atmosphere has greatly changed, and it was a fantastic experience. For all those who are able to come in January 2014, we very strongly recommend that you start your convention season off with this one!

The booth backdrop got some good feedback, especially for those who were close enough to see it up close. That made us feel good, especially considering it’s still a work in progress. If you want to see what all of the commotion was about, go ahead and check out the pictures on Facebook. Kevin’s got a lot of work to do to it to finish it, but that will give you an idea of where we’re going with it. Stay tuned for us in Gamicon, March 8-10th in Iowa City, IA to see what it looks like all together, along with a few new things!

The Adventure in a Con didn’t quite get done during the Con itself, but the writing is done, and Kevin will give that to one of our two editors tonight. We hope to have it done by the end of the week, as well as the artwork, and it will be ready for release not long after that! Kevin’s really looking forward to making this a standing tradition, and this first round went really well!

We have lots more to share, but we’ll make you wait a little longer for it…so, until next time!


Vermincon: Day 2 Review

Kevin spent most of the day talking with people and working on Adventure in a Con! and got most of it written. Fredd Gorham is working on the artwork for it and it’s looking very good that it will be done very shortly. Due to impending weather, Kevin doesn’t think that we’ll be done before the end of the convention; it may be prudent to take off early. However, Kevin has the map done, the weapon tables done, and everything is looking good! Instead of getting it 100% done at the convention, we’ll take an extra week, get it edited, and turn out a fantastic romp!

Kevin ran through A Thule and His Money, and managed to run through the entire adventure for the first time in one sitting. It will be released shortly, so stay tuned for information regarding this 1937 pulp adventure dealing with double agents, secret societies, zeppelins, ancient artifacts!

We’re watching the weather carefully, and hopefully we can stay for the day; people are filtering back in for the morning and we’ve had a great con so far!


A Darkness at Summerfort is Near!

Summerfort Sunday

Count this as the official announcement – A Darkness at Summerfort, the long-awaited first adventure for both the Eiridia setting and Ingenium, will be released next Sunday.

This adventure, for all that it’s a relatively short 25 page dungeon romp, represents an informal launch of Eiridia itself. And here’s the next big announcement …

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Vermincon: Con Review – Day 1

We arrived at Vermincon later than expected, and the booth was set up for the first time after the backdrop was painted. We were surprised and pleased at the growth of the convention over the last few years; Silver Gryphon has been coming to this convention for a few years in some form or function, and we are impressed with the way it is being handled this year. It is being held, as always in the Student Union on the University of South Dakota campus, which is a great space for a con of this size, and there’s other rooms that it expands to for war games. It’s a good convention to keep an eye on, especially if you’re within three or four hours of Vermillion, SD.

Kevin ran his Adventure in a Con last night and is working on getting it written and turned into an adventure before the end of the con! We have tapped on-site artist, Fredd Gorham to do a couple of pieces for us, so it’s possible we’ll have a publishable adventure before the close of the day on Sunday!

In addition to that, they are holding a raffle where they are donating 50% of the proceeds to the Michael Rohan Memorial Fund, which Kevin is obviously involved with. People are responding well to that, and it’s a huge honor to be listed as their charity of choice this year.

Things are going really well this year, we’re having a great time, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the con!


Headed out to Vermincon!

Well, it’s Friday, and we’re off to our first con of the year! We’re headed to Vermincon, a little con put on at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. It’s shaping up to be a great weekend, and we’re trying out all kinds of new things. If you’ve been watching Twitter, you’re starting to see the hash tag for #adventureinacon and if you’re wondering what that is, it’s exactly that. Kevin is going to try to write an adventure at the con, use artists at the con for the art, and see if he can’t get it basically written, edited, and laid out. There’s some other special fun going on with that, and we’ll have more details for you later!

We have a new con backdrop that we’re unveiling as well! Based off the last design with the etched lexan panels, this newer version is faster to set up, more solid when set up, and easier to transport. After Vermincon, we have a few more tweaks that need to be done to it and we’ll be good to go for another couple of years!

There’s so much more, but if you want to know about it, you’ll have to track us on our Facebook fan page! See the news, get exclusive fan offers, and a free adventure on your birthday, all for clicking one little button with the word “like” on it!

Hope to see you at the Con!


Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Well, it’s that special day of the week again, but this one is a little better than most. Today is a day that we here in America commemorate one of the greatest speakers and the most influential people of the 20th century. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man who was fighting a monumental tragedy in this country and helped heal race relations as African Americans fought in many places for equal rights, and to be treated with common decency and respect. The scars of slavery and segregation have been long healing in the United States, and Dr. King made great strides in helping everyone get along and realize their dreams.

On an entirely different note, Kevin test-ran our first online game. He used our Æther system via a Google Hangout and it worked fantastically. The response back from the players has been fantastic. It seems like everyone is chomping at the bit to get the second part of it finished, and it’ll be a great one. Persian Empire era, Clockwork technology, Dark Tragedy…it was a heck of a start, and it’ll be even more fun once we get into it more during sessions two and three.

Ben is already planning hard on getting his session organized, which will be on Februrary 1st. Keep looking for an event that we will invite our fans and friends to via Facebook! Ben wants to limit it to 5 seated players, plus himself, which doesn’t give us too many more slots available since we’re using Google Plus. For those of you who are opposed to Google and don’t have a Google or G+ account, we will be setting up some dummy accounts specifically for these games so that everyone can have a chance that wants one. Don’t let that seat limit deter you either! We are not doing pre-registration or anything for this one, just in case someone has to drop out at the last second, we don’t want to leave someone out of the fun!

Last, but never least, we are headed to Vermincon at the end of the week. We’ll have tons of dice available in singles and sets, our full compliment of books, adventures, maps, and for those of you who like your electric gaming libraries, we can set you up with PDFs right at the booth as well! Kevin will be running two games as scheduled, with maybe a few pick up games here and there, depending on booth traffic. We hope to see you there!


Magic and Architecture

Summerfort Sunday

In Eiridia’s continent of Galtharion, where Summerfort is located, some civilizations have harnessed magic in ways that improve the quality of life of everyday people. Chief among these are Rekellia and Nardora. Summerfort, being nominally a Rekellian city, enjoys some of these comforts.

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Online Gaming!

UPDATE 2: 10:25PM

We wrapped up the game, it was a Persian, Clockwork-tech, Tragedy, Horror game. Oh yes, PCs will die. It is the year 360 BC (to our reckoning). They are on the way up to check out some mysterious temples that have started springing up. The characters are all from Babylon and headed North to Scythian territory. They have stopped at the last fortified town on the road leading north from Babylon, and they are about to cross into Scythian territory. The town is spooked, full of soldiers, and a temple has appeared in a mountain 40 Roman Miles over the boarder.

Next game, they march north.


We are live, now! Come Join Us!

Tonight Kevin will be doing an experiment where he runs an online Æther game! It will start at 7pm Central time (US) and should go until about 10pm, but it may go later. We will have more details later in an update to this post as to the Google Hangouts link we’ll be using.

The game will feature the Random Setting Generator found in the Æther Core Book. Kevin will have character sheets available for download and other than that, players will need a writing utensil (pencils are preferred) and a pair of D10s or Percentile Dice. We may be exploring using an online dice roller.

The name of the game tonight is setting generation and character generation. There will be character introductions, and depending on the time that takes, we may start getting into the action!

Kevin plans on running this for three nights, once a month, and it may be extended for a night or two if the players choose, but after that, Kevin is going to switch it up and do something with Savage Worlds.

More details will be coming soon, and a playlog after!



We’re kicking off our con schedule this year with one that’s just a hop, skip, and a jump for Kevin. Vermincon is a small convention put on by the University of South Dakota games club, in conjunction with the MAGE (Mid-west Area Gaming Enthusiasts) organization.

We’ll be there, with our Booth Babe Yuki watching the booth while Kevin is there running games. So far he’s got two games signed up for on the Vermincon Event Schedule, one for Friday night and one for Saturday Evening. It’s Kevin, though, and we expect that there will be a few pickup games scheduled. You’ll have to check the Silver Gryphon booth and see what they have scheduled on their event board!

Speaking of the booth, in grand Silver Gryphon tradition, we have re-worked it yet again, this time improving the over all look of the booth, and making some logistics changes to it as well. Just as a teaser, you can see where we started from by clicking here. You can see how that’s evolved from our pictures from Vermincon!

For stock this year, we will have copies on hand of our physical products for sale. That includes the Æther Core Book, our fantasy system, Ingenium, copies of Zombacalypse for both Æther and Savage Worlds, as well as several Savage Worlds books, including the Core Rules for the system, some companion books, and a World War II setting for Savage! If that’s not enough, we also have physical prints of most of our adventures, and we also have maps for sale, as provided by Fabled Environments, some of which were done specifically for the adventures we have produced!

If that’s not enough, we also have Silver Gryphon Dice left over from our Kickstarter this past summer! Available in Red, Black, White, or Blue, these sets all have an off-color D6 for the Wild Die for all you Savage Worlds Fans out there. Just to make them even more cool, all of the six-sided dice have a Silver Gryphon Logo etched into the die where the 6 should be, and the d10’s have them where the 0 and 00 should be! We spared no expense on these, so stop by and pick up a set at the con!

We hope to see you there!


Temples and Their Orders in Summerfort

Summerfort Sunday

The city of Summerfort is big enough to support several temples to various gods of Eiridia. Each of these represents a particular “cult,” to use the Ancient Egyptian connotation of the word. Patron gods in Eiridia are not like those of other popular fantasy settings; rather than being a spell flavor, each deity’s followers have a living culture and belief system that supports their worship as a central pillar above all other gods.

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