Æthursday: Product Release!!!!

It’s Æthursday here at Silver Gryphon Games, and we have a special one today: We’ve released our very first Adventure in a Con! This first one was run at Vermillion, South Dakota’s own Vermincon on January 25th and we’re releasing it today! Designed at the con, run at the con, written at the con, and using art provided by an artist at the con…it’s an adventure, in a con!

This first one takes place in the early days of the Byzantine Empire. The party is on the trail of a cursed supernatural creature who must feast upon the flesh of man. He’s bunkered down in an old Roman fort, and he’s got some friends with him.

This little one-shot has already been reviewed and has a four-star rating! Check it out today at DriveThru RPG!

And for those of you who are wondering why we didn’t announce that it’s available at our Silver Gryphon Store…well, that ties into tomorrow’s major announcement!


Æthursday, Rules Update!

Fumbling a Ranged Attack

Placement of a ranged attack matters. Sometimes, it matters more than other times, especially when a ranged attack is highly critical, either to damage something specific, or to leave specific things in the environment unharmed. If the attack misses, it can be difficult to determine exactly what happens. In most other systems, this determination is handled with a Ranged Attack Deviation Chart, and that is something that has been lacking in the Æther system, until now. Read More


Technology and Silver Gryphon

Normally at this time of the week, I’d be writing a post about Summerfort and sharing it with you. However, recent events bear a bit of explaining, so instead I’ll be writing about that. If you were excited to hear more news about Summerfort, don’t worry, there’s a tidbit of news about that hidden in this post!

Read More


Æthursday! Generic vs. Universal

Æther is, and always will be a Universal system, a system that you can literally do anything with. Generic systems are different in that you can use the system to do anything. It’s a slight difference, but it’s an important one. It’s the difference between name-brand pop and store-brand pop, it’s the difference between using a system to run your favorite space-opera setting with psychic knights wielding laser swords, and using a system designed to let you do it. Read More