What lies beneath? The secret of Summerfort.

Summerfort Sunday

Anyone who’s played both A Darkness at Summerfort and Dawn at Fortress Fairling may have a creeping suspicion that there’s something amiss about the city of Summerfort. It’s more than just a bad feeling, though. The first adventure for Summerfort hinted at it with its title, but there’s a deeper truth at work here.

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Continuous Improvement – Creating Ingenium 2

Kevin and Ben come from very varied professional backgrounds. Ben has a strong programming and IT background, while Kevin has a strong background in logistics and manufacturing. Both of those backgrounds do share a single, simple idea, however: continuous improvement. Even in something that works very well, there are always ways to improve it visually, conceptually, or physically. That is precisely what we’re doing with Ingenium right now.

Ben and Kevin have been testing, playing, and tinkering with Ingenium for some time now, and we’ve been listening to the responses of our fans. We have ways to make it better, stronger, and faster, and we are currently implementing those ideas, seeing how well they work together. The end result will be Ingenium 2. Character creation is being tweaked, item generation is being tweaked, and spells are getting a major overhaul, and all of it for the better.

Last week Kevin’s normal gaming group walked through character creation. Six players total, everyone had a relaxing evening of seeing what worked and what didn’t and after three hours of changes and printing out the new book and getting everyone going, we had characters done. That may sound like a lot of time for a system that boasts fast character creation, but Kevin spent a lot of one-on-one time with each player and everyone was having a good time. Half of the players were completely new to the Ingenium system, and two of the six had never played a fantasy RPG before. All in all, it was a very positive experience and the characters created are less complicated but just as robust as the characters created in the original Ingenium rule set that we have published.

There are some very exciting things happening with the system! The spell system and the item system are two of the most ingenious tweaks Ben has put into what we are calling I2. Kevin will keep everyone up-to-date on changes and what the focus of each night was for play testing. Stay tuned!


Welcome to Wellstone City.

wellstone city wed

Welcome to Wellstone City. Sorry I don’t have time to point out the attractions…hey, mind that body, the other cops haven’t been here yet and you don’t want to leave any evidence. Probably a syndicate hit. Target was low-hanging fruit. You’re new, you’re low-hanging fruit, too, so don’t screw anything up. I can keep the investigators off this for about 10 minutes, but there’s cameras everywhere. Damn teenagers and their cell phones. At least this one was quiet or they’d be here already.

Look. I don’t know who this guy was or why he was hit. Two in the back of the head, though. Execution. The hitters were sloppy. They left bullet casings. Might be finger prints on those. Could be a few other clues around here. Just keep your head down.

I don’t care what evidence you take, just leave the body. Hell, plant some if you want, keep the cops off your back. You get yourselves caught though, and we don’t know each other. The next time you see me, I’ll be busting you, cuffing you, and hauling you in. No favors, no losing evidence. I got paid for getting you to the scene before anyone else. That’s done. We’re done. You have 10 minutes.

Starting Now.