Announcing the Ingenium Character Forge

While character creation in Ingenium is already pretty easy, there can be a lot of writing involved. Spell and Talent text needs to be recorded somewhere, and it’s often best to have it directly on the character sheet instead of making notes of page numbers.

To help that go faster, and to make it easier to create large numbers of first-level characters quickly, we’re going to be creating an online character creation tool for Ingenium. It’s called the Ingenium Character Forge, and the first public beta of it will be due out at the end of this year.

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Wellstone City Wednesday – Exotic Ammunition

There seems to be an upswing in what the police are calling “bullet bling” on the streets of Wellstone, particularly in the Old Parish and the Creole Quarter. Silver bullets seem to be a popular choice, but police are turning up iron bullets with thin silver half-jackets, they are finding wood core bullets, and even shotgun shells loaded with tooth picks. Even more exotic ammunition has been turning up, and there seems to be a surge in less-than-lethal ammo such as rock salt rounds.

What the police are mistaking as bullet bling, is the first line of defense against supernatural creatures. Legends of werewolves, vampires, zombies, and worse have been circulating for years, but now this latest bullet trend seems to be upping the ante with these legends. Whether these creatures are roaming Wellstone’s darker parts or not is unknown; it would require a massive cover-up to keep them out of the public eye.

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I’m going on an Adventure… and I have a pocketful of dice!

Even though  I know it’s a very small collection (so far) here is a picture of the dice I’ve already begun acquiring.

photoSo… the first time I looked at dice I thought “Ohhhhh shiny!!!” and they found a place of honor on my desk where I could look at them and admire them and I start making plans to buy more in other colors and variations.

This is the same principle I apply to shoes so it did not really shock me to find that  my mind went there…. BUT….. at least with shoes I knew what to do with them. The same could NOT be said for my knowledge of dice up until now.  My entire experience with dice had been the 6 sided cubes required for to play Trouble and Monopoly, where I knew you rolled it and moved your little game piece that number of squares.

So what DO I do with them?

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Rock and Role: Living with your Choices

Sometimes when playing a game, you make bad decisions because you simply don’t know the situation you’re going into. The decisions could be about the wrong gear, the wrong spells, or anything else that is vital to your tactical approach. To be fair, it’s not your fault as a player. It’s not the GM’s job to reveal the whole plot to the players so they can make the best choices for their characters.

It takes a good player to roll with that. It takes an experienced player to turn their uniformed decisions into something that they can use. Many players will attempt to use everything in their arsenal at any opportunity, sometimes successfully, most of the time not. Usually this is a problem of over-specialization and the adventure taking a turn that the character’s specialty isn’t as useful or needed, and that can lead to problems.

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The Fate of Summerfort

With the launch of the Kickstarter for Æthermancy, we’ve had a few questions come out from the community about where this puts Ingenium. Because Ingenium is a fantasy game, and Æthermancy appears to be a fantasy product for a different system, there’s some confusion as to which system you should be playing if you want to play a Silver Gryphon Games fantasy game.

The answer’s pretty simple: Ingenium. The explanation of why, however, is more complicated.

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Æthermancy Event Calendar

We have some fun things planned as we try to share our excitement about our new Kickstarter campaign with all of you! Æthermancy is a complete magic book that builds on the skill system that is at the heart of Æther. It allows for an incredible degree of creativity and flexibility with your spell caster, whether you are using the system for typical wizards, clerics, or psychic users; all of them are treated the same in the Æthermancy book, at least mechanically. The book contains ways to incorporate magic into your existing campaign, it contains 30 adventure hooks, a fully fleshed out adventure, and over 200 spells. It blends seamlessly with the Æther system; making it feel like a continuous inclusion rather than something clunky and bolted on.

If you’re unfamiliar with Æther, maybe you’ve never heard of it or had a chance to play it, we’d love for you to join us for one of our 2 Q&A sessions or one of our online game nights that we have scheduled just to talk to people about the project. We’re even giving away something special for those that attend. Here’s the calendar… bring a friend!

Æthermancy Q&A Session with Silver Gryphon Games

Please join us for a Q&A Session as we discuss our Æthermancy Kickstarter and the Æther system.

September 19, 2013

October 3, 2013

Silver Gryphon Games Æthermancy Kickstarter Gamenight!

Æthermancy Pre-release adventure! The only way to ever get this adventure is to join us for this event or the one on October 10th.

September 26, 2013

October 10, 2013

Sign up here and we’ll make it easy for you and send you a reminder!

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Wellstone City Wednesday: Origins and Future

Wellstone City first made its appearance in the Æther Core Book, and it’s still there today! We had a lot of fun working on it, and it wasn’t long after Æther was refitted and re-released under Silver Gryphon Games that we started looking at porting it out into Savage Worlds as a licensee.

We have always encouraged people to tell us about their Wellstone escapades and if we love the story, we may incorporate it into the setting. New locations, new criminal factions, new NPCs, and new events have always been welcomed and credited when they did come in. That is a function of Wellstone City that we’ve been neglecting for some time, and maybe it’s time to bring it back.

The Wellstone City Chronicles each have new NPCs, new locations, and even new gangs that they talk about, and each one expands the city as well as uses old information from past adventures. It’s a city with over 6 million people, which would give it one of the top five highest population densities in the United States. It’s hot, it’s packed tight, and tempers run high. Most importantly, it’s just really difficult to flesh out an entire major metropolitan area. Rome may not have been built in a day, but it was built by more than one guy sitting 2000 miles away in a town with 11,000 people!


I’m going on an Adventure… but I fell into our Kickstarter!

I'm going on an adventure


So, I didn’t want anyone to think I’d forgotten about you… or my journey into RPGs, but I’ve been a little bit busy. We launched our newest Kickstarter project, Æthermancy and while we are VERY, VERY excited about it, it hasn’t left a lot of time the last few days for me to do a lot with this project. I promise, I’ll have something fun for you next week!

I do hope all of you take a minute to check out the project, and pledge if you can, and if you can’t,  maybe tell a friend who might want to.

Æther is a great system for new players like me, it’s universal which means you can do anything with it, since my imagination is all over the place, that sounds JUST ABOUT PERFECT.

We have a couple levels that include everything you need, which might be a good way for someone new to get started too.  Well, almost everything, of course, you’d need a computer/phone/tablet to order right? I figure you’ve already got one of those!

So if you’re like me and new to all of this, I hope you’re having a good time. Kickstarter is a great place to find all kinds of games, not just ours, so go take a look…. and I promise I’ll be back next week to talk about dice!


Rock and Role! Personality

Role-playing differs from roll-playing by a single letter, but it makes a huge difference. That one little letter is the distance between the players working with the GM to decide what is happening in the scene or just letting the dice do the work. That letter “e” is the difference between a soldier and a brigand, between a champion of the people or the scourge of a nation. At it’s heart, that small-yet-unshakeable difference is what this blog is all about.

The difference is larger than personality and character traits, too. It’s about keeping those character traits throughout the course of the game. It’s about maintaining the personality and changing it accordingly as the game unfolds. The difference is keeping in character and reacting how that character would react. The difference is stepping into the role of the character, and that is what gives our hobby its name.

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Happy (Delayed!) Friday!

Happy Friday the 13th! It’s been a busy week and we’ve been kind of quiet, all things considered, and it’s because we have our Kickstarter for Æthermancy going! This one has been waiting for all the pieces to come together, so we’d appreciate it if you’d take a minute, look it over, and if it looks like it’s something you’re interested in, we’d love some support on the project!

We have a ton of information out there on this, and we’re trying to keep the flow of information going without repeating too much. In that spirit, here’s an old, brief blast from the past…a portion from an actual play log for one of the first Æthermancy playtests!

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