Camp Wicakini 4 has been unleashed!

You weren’t expecting the head of the Kinzey Foundation to contact you for a job. Everyone knows they are into some heavy stuff, that the Foundation building parks is just their public face. After the meeting, you’re just as confused as you were before. It just doesn’t make any sense. You’re supposed to go up to some summer camp and kidnap some Native guy, but you’ve got some really nasty equipment that you’re taking with you; some sort of freeze gun and some suspicious device that is supposed to keep animals at bay.

None of this makes sense, but the pay is good, and the chance to work with the Kinzey’s more in the future is way worth it.

Or so you thought. You have never been so wrong in all your life.

Inside this adventure you’ll find:

  • The final adventure at Camp Wicakini
  • 8 Pre-generated Characters for quick play
  • Maps for all of the camp buildings provided by Fabled Environments
  • Rules for what happens when the PCs turn to zombies
  • New gear!
  • Absolute Chaos!

Other adventures in the Camp Wicakini Series have been called:

“Pure escapist zombie fun!”

“A good game to let hair down with”

“It was insane!”

“The most fun I ever had gaming at a con!”

“The best damn zombie adventure I’ve ever played!”

Click here for a full review of the very first Camp Wicakini from Featured Reviewer, Megan Roberts.

Get it today in Æther!


Get it today in Savage Worlds!


Ingenium Iconic #1: Jonas Dartherian

The first official Ingenium Iconic is now available! Jonas Dartherian, the Fierce Human Soldier, is a local to the Summerfort area. He’s a young knight errant with a powerful secret that even he is unaware of.

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Happy Friday!

It’s another Friday, and it’s been a busy week at Silver Gryphon Games, so let’s get to it!

We’ve been in full-blown Kickstarter mode for so long, that we’re looking forward to getting done with it, and we’re getting close to being in post-kickstarter production! That has caused some delays here in our day to day activities behind the scenes, but the good news is that we’re almost done with the nuts and bolts of the Æthermancy Kickstarter and we have some cool stuff lined up for November. We also have some things coming before then…

Camp Wicakini IV is coming! It’s been delayed for a multitude of reasons, but it will be out here in the next day or so! Hot on its heels is another Savage Worlds adventure from Dave Baymiller, Fear no Darkness, and it will be released just in time for Halloween as well! We have some big releases coming in November as well, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Next week we’ll start talking about some really cool projects that we’re lining up for November, and yes, we’ll start talking with you about Christmas stuff. Yes, it’s early, but we try to only handle a few holidays at a time, and most of us here at SGG refuse to start talking about Christmas until after Halloween.

Finally, we have Nanocon coming up in two weeks, and that will officially end our Con season for the year! It’s been a great run this year and we’ve hit a bunch of new cons, we got our Demo GM project up and running, and we’ve met scores of new and awesome people! We’re looking forward to an even better 2014!

Stay tuned, we have some really awesome stuff lined up! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter, follow us on facebook, hit us up on our G+ Community, and follow us on Twitter!


Iconics for Ingenium

Frequently, modern tabletop RPGs will include in their core book a set of “iconic” characters. These are used as examples of the kinds of characters you can play, but they’re also used as main characters for bits of fiction scattered about the main book(s).

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Happy Friday!

This last week went so fast! We had a big week, too!

We wrapped up our Kickstarter for Æthermancy, and we were successful! Again, thanks to all of our backers! We are ahead of schedule on our surveys and even our payments from Kickstarter! Kevin has been working hard on getting the document done, we’ve been in contact with our two artists for the project, and we are feeding chapters to our editor. We’ll keep you updated on how everything is coming along, slip you some teasers, and make sure that we keep everyone in the loop as much as possible.

We haven’t been focusing only on the Kickstarter either, we have two great adventures that are coming out, barely in time for Halloween! A Silver Gryphon staple, a new Camp Wicakini adventure, is coming out as well as a new terror adventure from Dave Baymiller! Keep your eyes open for more information on those as we approach one of our favorite holidays!

Finally, we’re getting ready for Nanocon in Madison, South Dakota. It’s our favorite convention, and it is also the end of our Con season as we buckle down for winter here in the Midwest of the United States. We’ve been to a ton of new conventions this year, and we’ve learned a ton, and while we’re sad to be done with another year of cons, we’re very excited for yet another Nanocon!

Stay tuned, and get ready for more news on releases!


Wellstone City Wednesday – Upstarts and Vigilantes

Freelancers and syndicate members aren’t the only game in town. There are plenty of unlicensed, under-the-radar folks that make a living keeping the streets clean. They aren’t there to make a name for themselves; they exist just to make things better. The big difference between these and Freelancers, aside from keeping things very quiet, is that they tend to stick to neighborhoods. Logic says that they keep to their own locations, but that’s not necessarily true either. Just last week a van full of masked vigilantes were pulled over on the 102 for speeding while heading up to Little Italy, a known patrol area of theirs. They all had addresses from either the Waterfront or the Warrens.

There comes a time when small crime must be taken on in small measures, and these upstarts and vigilantes seem to be the vehicle driving that. Ordinary citizens, tired of the collateral damage caused by inter-gang violence, or worse (usually) the Freelancers, can quietly raise a grassroots effort to get some of the crime out of their neighborhoods. It usually starts with a neighborhood watch, and then a neighborhood safety patrol, and then evolves to a few select people doing bad things to bad people for the good of the community.

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Happy Friday!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a solid update, so where we go!

We’re having a Kickstarter for Æthermancy, and we’re almost funded! Go check it out, see the updates, shoot us a question, pledge if you haven’t! We are in the last few hours of the funding process, and if you’re unfamiliar with how Kickstarters work, if we don’t get funded, we don’t get a penny of your pledge! It’s an all or nothing deal, and we’re very excited for it!

We’ve been to a few conventions and we had a great time at both cons! Archon in the St. Louis area, and NUKE in Omaha, Nebraska were the last two we attended, and we are already gearing back up for our last con of the season, our first and favorite, Nanocon in Madison, SD.

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2 days left for Æthermancy!

Æther is our flag-ship product, the first system that Silver Gryphon Games put out, and it’s a Universal system. Using just a pair of percentile dice, a pencil and a character sheet, the Core Book and your imagination, you can do anything you want to. Included with the Core Book is the Wellstone City setting, and as such, the Core Book is geared for a modern setting to give you a relevant experience for pricing, weapons, and other nuances of the system. The book also includes our infamous Random Setting Generator in the book allows you to have any time, tone, genre, or technology in the game that you wish to have.

Æthermancy, for those that haven’t heard until now, is the magic supplement to Æther.

You can learn more about the Kickstarter itself by visiting our project here: Æthermancy

We’ve only got a little less than 2 days to finish this out strong… so in order to tell you why this is special to us, I wanted to give you a bit about Æther in Kevin’s words.

Kevin talking about Æther


We have artists Dennis Darmody


and Alberto Tavira Espinar

image002 (3)

lined up and we’re just waiting to finish up to get this off the ground!

We are VERY proud to be a part of the Savage Worlds community and we wanted to make sure we talked about this a little because we’ve had a lot of our Savage Worlds Fans ask about Æthermancy and how they can incorporate it. We wanted to say this… Savage Æthermancy
Thanks for looking, please tell your friends and if you haven’t pledged yet, we sincerely hope you do.

Thank you, as always for being a fan, for supporting us in all we do. We’re glad you enjoy what we put out and we love spending time making things for you to enjoy.


Speaking of enjoying… tonight is our last Æthermancy online game night. We’re giving away some cookies, expect to have a lot of fun and are available for questions. 8pm EST time tonight. Come join us:


(Any problems, shoot an email to us over to  and she’ll get you hooked up!)


Just under a week left on Æthermancy!

We wanted to take a minute and give you an update on our Kickstarter! We’re over 70% funded and have nearly a week left to go!

This is going to be an amazing project and we’re really excited, we couldn’t have done it without you!

We’re thrilled to be working with Dennis Darmody again and have several other artists lined up and ready to go! We’ve talked to Caroline at Pixie Dust Miniatures and she’s looking forward to producing the mini-spell books and potions tables for us too.

Have you had a chance yet to check out Æthermancy?

Everything is lined up perfectly and we’re ready to go!

We’d like to ask that you pass on the link to those you may not have told yet, that you continue to invite people to participate in our Æther giveaways and that if you haven’t had the chance yet, to come join us for one of our online or live events!

Æthermancy Event Calendar


This weekend we are at both Archon and Nuke-Con for a little longer, so stop on by!