Happy (Black) Friday!

Happy Friday!

We’re having our Black Friday/Holiday sale: Keep the Party Rolling!

As you’re well aware from the plethora of ads you’ve seen from our fellow publishers, and your local retail chains, it’s Black Friday today. That means ridiculous sales and cut-throat prices, and these usually extend through Small Business Saturday (tomorrow) and Cyber Monday (this coming Monday). Well, after that, we get close to our Christmas Sale and we thought this year, why not roll it into one giant sale?

Keep the Party Rolling will keep our Black Friday discount of 30% off going for weeks, but how long it goes can literally be up to you! Yes, you! We’re dangerously close to breaking some huge milestones on our social media, and if we hit those, we’ll keep the Party Rolling on the sale for a week! Intrigued? Here’s how it works.

If we hit 2000 fans on our Facebook page, we will extend the sale for another week. If we hit 2000 followers on Twitter, we will extend the sale for ANOTHER week, and if we hit 150 community Members on G+, we will extend it for ANOTHER week, taking the sale to right before Christmas! What is even better about that, is that if you are at a convention with us, we even apply those to discounts right at the booth of 5% each, giving you a shot at 15% off your purchase at a convention!

So, we invite you to check out what we have: one of the best selling Universal systems on the market, one of the most innovative fantasy-driven systems being produced today, scores of adventures, GM aides, freebies, Wellstone City which is one of the best Urban settings available, and much more!

Check us out on Drive Thru RPG and hit us up at the Official Silver Gryphon Store! Find out why we’ve been heralded as:

“One of the best RPG Companies in the world”

by our fans,

“A large press company in indie clothes.”

By Ron Blessing of Smilin’ Jacks

and have had comments from multiple fans and even from some of our fellow publishers saying,

“This is how a company should be run!”

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and we want to show how thankful we are for all of you, right through the end of the year!


Rock and Role: The Con Hangover!

I’m taking a quick derivation today to talk about Nanocon. This is the convention that Silver Gryphon Games uses to end its con year on. Living in the midwest United States, the traveling weather gets dicey this time of year, so we don’t travel much between November and February. We go out on Nanocon for the year because it is one of our favorite conventions!

This small con in Madison, South Dakota is well worth the trip for anyone who wants to go. They have speakers from the RPG industry, and they have speakers from the video game design industry as well. The convention itself is held at the Dakota State University campus, which houses a reputable and growing game design major. The quality and organization of the convention is something that is usually not found in cons under 3000 people in attendance, and that is due largely to the convention staff having an attitude of constant improvement along with an unbridled passion for experimenting.

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Rock and Role: Welcoming new blood

Something magical happens when you have a player completely new to gaming sit down at your table. Usually, it grinds everything to a halt. Even with everyone’s best intentions at work, it usually turns into a situation of too many cooks in the kitchen. Too many people start giving what is ordinarily excellent advice, but with three people giving it, that advice becomes overwhelming in a big hurry. It is especially overwhelming for people who have never thrown dice before,

The easiest way to handle that situation is to isolate the new individual. Talk to the new gamer, make sure that the gamer is comfortable and talk about role playing, and give ideas if necessary. Most new gamers can readily relate to books and movies, but find out what the gamer enjoys and try to pull examples from those sources. Once the concept of role-playing is understood by the new gamer, it is time to get some basic mechanics explained.

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Happy Friday!

Well, it’s the day after Halloween, so this is a little late, but Happy Halloween!

If you missed it this last week, we presented the fourth installment of Camp Wicakini, and it’s available in Savage Worlds and, of course, Æther! This horrific romp brings the PCs in to hunt down Wanagi Mato and bring him back to Wellstone City. Good luck to everyone on that, and if you want to see more, hit the links and click the video after the jump!

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