Creative Challenge – Day 30!

We had a couple of days of intermittent internet service on the site which made uploading posts impossible, but here we go!

It’s the last day! Just one left to go and then we’re finished! that brings up an interesting question: how do you know when something is “finished” and you can stop tinkering with it? At what point do you just look at something and say, “I’m good with this, right here.” Are you an avid tinkerer, always trying to perfect what you craft, or are you able to walk away from it and be happy?

Let us know a work that benefited from going back and constant tweaking, or let us know about something where it was over tweaked and then ruined. It is easy to go either way when being creative, and the results may not always be reversible!


Creative Challenge Day 27

Colors drive our vision, they can impact our mental states, and are one of the fastest ways to add emotion and impact to any visual work that we create. Focusing on colors in writing draw attention to it and with some clever emotional investment on the words of the author, it creates a lasting impression, a theme, and possibly foreshadowing. With visual arts, it’s even easier; a specific color draws your eye, makes you focus on something that might not even be what the viewer is supposed to be focusing on, allowing for all kinds of pseudo illusionary effects.

Use some color in your work! Be specific in your words, use colors to your best advantage! Use something vibrant in a muted pallet, draw attention to something important (or away from something important), and really engage the visual centers of your audiences minds!


Creative Challenge, Day 26

When creating, sometimes it becomes necessary to take the point of view of different people. Artists may need to consider different perspectives on their work, writers need to be able to get in the heads of several characters at once. But what about animals? Have you ever considered writing or creating art based on the perception of an animal?

Animals are everywhere in this world. From house pets to house pests, from worms to blue whales, there are millions of types of animals that the experience you’re trying to convey can be filtered through. Obviously they don’t have the same height perspective as we have (unless it’s a larger animal), but consider all of the other points of view that would have t change. What senses do they use that we don’t? What colors do they actually see? How does moving around in the environment affect them or challenge them?

Consider that and see what you can come up with!


Creativity Challenge and a Product Spotlight

We have two things for you today, so let’s get to it!

Creativity Challenge, Day 25
Welcome to Day 25! Don’t be afraid to link us up if this is your first time finding us, we’re giving everyone a shot at a prize at the end, no matter how many entries they have, but you have to link us up to your blog at least once to be eligible!

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Creativity Challenge, Day 24!

Alien environments and weather have already been talked about during this creativity challenge, but something that hasn’t been hit yet is extraordinarly sized perspectives on what would be a standard environment. Take your living space…it’s probably fairly comfortable, equipped with everything that’s around you right now. You know the space well enough to navigate it in the dark and you know where things are without having to look for them (generally speaking).

But, what if you were an inch tall? How would that change your perspective on things? What if you were 10 feet tall, how would you navigate? How would the space have to change, or how would you have to adapt to the space? There are a lot of explorations in this aspect, movies such as Epic and The Borrowers are good examples, as are some Saturday morning cartoons such as The Littles. Dozens of books have been written from the perspective of under and over sized people in a standard house or apartment, but when was the last time you took a good look at stretching your creative focus that way?


Creative Challenge, Day 23

Getting out of your comfort zone can be good artistically. It makes you think about things in a different way and see things in a different light. The challenge for tonight is to get out of your normal creative medium. If you normally paint, write instead. If you normally write, draw something! Break down some walls and explore the other creative sides of life!

Sometimes exercises like this can help you to get better at what your preferred medium is. It can help you elevate your craft and overall, it can make you better at what you do! Get out there and get a new perspective with your artistic eye!


Creativity Challenge, Day 22!

Don’t be afraid to think like a child! Children have some of the best imaginations in the world, and between school and college and the corporate world, many of us have that beaten out of us when it comes time to utilize our imaginations as adults. To kids, everything is possible, everything is wonderful, and everything is inspiration.

Dandelions are flowers made of pure sunshine, cats can be battle mounts, dogs can talk, and a box of crayons is a gateway to…anywhere. Let that creativity (or schizophrenia) flow and see what your mind comes up with! When exercising those creative talents, no subject is too goofy, too far out, or too impossible!


Creativity Challenge Day 21!

We’re at three weeks in! If you’ve managed mast of the days so far, you’re doing an excellent job! With record cold and record heat romping all across the United States (in the same week), let’s take a look at environmental stress in our creative endeavors. How often does it come into play? Many times we gloss over things we don’t like in our work; we like to pretend it doesn’t exist because they are usually points of stress, not points of artistic inspiration.

For today, let’s look at how environment shapes things. We use more energy and more resources combating the environment than almost any other activity other than eating. Insulation, air conditioning, furnaces…we do everything we can to stay out of the weather to be more comfortable as a species. Today, turn that on its head. Draw the heat, write about the cold, do what you do when complaining about environmental extremes, but do it creatively!


Creativity Challenge, Day 20!

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before:

In the darkest places of the world, ancient evils slumber.

This trope is common to fantasy and horror. For your challenge today, take this trope and give it a twist.

To help you get started, try making a list of everything this trope makes you feel. Then make another list of dark things or places. Keep going on the lists, with no regard to whether an idea is good, bad, or weird. Just keep writing.

After about five minutes of that, create your entry!


Creativity Challenge, Day 19!

Last night I went out and saw Transformers: Age of Extinction. It was pretty bad, but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. Today’s Creativity Challenge has a similar theme, in that it encourages you to go against your better judgment – create something in a genre that you would normally not think to touch. If you’re comfortable in high fantasy, try modern-day. If you’re comfortable with sci-fi, try Victorian horror.


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