Upcoming Ingenium website update

When we discontinued Ingenium as a product in 2014, we removed a lot of links, banners, and information from the website about it. We decided in 2016 to bring Ingenium back. Earlier in January of this year, we made an editing pass at a lot of the content on the website. We rewrote or modified text in all areas of the site. One of the things that we noted is that Ingenium’s web content is lacking in depth compared to our other properties.

We decided to make a formal pass at adding new information and a better introduction to Ingenium on the site.

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An update on Ingenium for January

Ingenium Second Edition marches onward. We have a new editor working on the manuscript. We’re finding more artwork to fill the pages. At this point, the most likely release window is going to be sometime in Q2 of this year. Our tentative release date is June 1st.  Read More


Silver Gryphon Games in 2017

2016 was a very quiet year for us. After our big year in 2014 with all the conventions we went to, products we released, and Kickstarters we ran, 2015 faltered, and 2016 saw us on life support until the last quarter of the year.

2017 is already shaping up to be a great year for the Gryphon. Here’s a little of what we have planned. Read More