We’re doing Wellstone City Wednesday a little differently this time around and we’re giving it to you in a PDF through our favorite sales point at DriveThru RPG! We’ve made it a little longer than normal, giving you two pages of information instead of just the three paragraphs we usually let you have, allowing it to turn into a full adventure or even campaign arc instead of a plot point as they have been in the past!

Delivering them through DriveThru RPG also allows us to get better feedback, and it should help you find them quicker and faster as well as giving you a convenient way to store them on your electronic devices of choice!

Big Trouble in Little Haiti

This is a set of adventure hooks that gives you a little insight into the seedy underbelly of the least-discussed borough of Wellstone City, Little Haiti. Explore the world of Yves Felix, an up-and-comer in the organized crime world who has his fingers in everything that goes through the Wharf at Little Haiti, and like all powerful men in Wellstone, he wants more.

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