Silver Gryphon Games is the creative endeavor of company founders Ben Overmyer and Kevin Rohan. Ben and Kevin have a combined total of 30 years of gaming experience with a wild array of systems, styles, and rules. With experiences ranging from war gaming to diceless systems to traditional board games and CCGs, Ben and Kevin both possess a strong background and familiarity with the gaming industry.


Ben found a copy of Kevin’s RPG Æther in a game shop in the small town of Brookings, South Dakota. Discovering that the creator lived in Brookings, Ben contacted Kevin and the two quickly became friends. At that point, Ben had been working on his own RPG, Ingenium, for a number of years. Eventually, they decided to begin a new game company that centered around both of their creations.

On December 12, 2008, Silver Gryphon Games was born.

Company Philosophy

Operating on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Ben and Kevin use their strengths in tandem and compensate for each other’s weaknesses. The collective effort of the founders allows each of them to focus on their areas of expertise. The result is better products, a more varied product line, and stronger graphics and content.

While Ben and Kevin form the backbone of Silver Gryphon Games, they are constantly on the lookout for new talent that can give fresh life to the gaming industry or experienced hands to leave their familiar touch upon Silver Gryphon Games’ products. We are proud to have worked with some talented people over the years.

The Founders

Ben Overmyer

Art Director, Ingenium Manager, IT Guy

Ben is the creator of the Ingenium System and is in charge of making our products visually appealing. He also handles the design, development, and maintenance of our website and other technical bits.

Kevin Rohan

Content Director, Æther Manager

Kevin is the creator of the Æther System and he is responsible for making our products read good have words enjoyable to run and play.

Contributing Members

Allen Thiele

Convention Manager, Random Setting Guru

Allen often runs games at conventions. He has taken a real shining to running Random Setting Generator games at conventions when Kevin isn’t running them.

Sarah Overmyer

Chief Editor

Our wordsmith extraordinaire, Sarah joined us in late 2018 with a mission of keeping our prose on point.