Æthermancy Update – Here there be Goblins!

The adventure included in the Æthermancy book is framed to take place in Wellstone City, giving enough information to run it in any time period that Wellstone has existed, but it’s not so specific that it can’t be placed in other settings if need be. It features Goblins, a forsaken temple, and a few other surprises along the way. I don’t want to give too much away in case one of you will be playing in it instead of running it, but I will give you this little teaser piece of art here to accompany the temple map that was previously shown…

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Æthursday – Random Setting!

Today, we’re serving up a Victorian, Alternate History, Action Epic for our Random Setting!

While exploring the depths of the Dark Heart of Africa, a vast and advanced civilization was discovered! Spanning the heart of the areas that the British call the Congo are sprawling mega cities that are completely obscured by the jungle canopy. Utilizing electricity and powered by a mysterious, combustionless fuel they call “Quickiron,” the people of the Qaisharan Empire have electric lights, vehicles, flying machines, and most horrifyingly, weapons!

The Qaisharans have kept themselves hidden until fabled British explorer, Rhys St.John discovered them just half a decade ago while searching for the roots of the Egyptian civilization. Bringing back several examples of their technology and even a delegation of the Qaisharan Empire to London, Rhys St.John was knighted as diplomatic relations were established.

However, that was short lived.

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Æthermancy Update!

Well, it’s been another week and we’re still going forward hard and fast on this project. It has grown to proportions larger than anticipated, so I am announcing that we are probably doing something with the book that we had anticipated as a possibility but had hoped that we wouldn’t have to do.

It was stated in the Kickstarter that there would be a section on creating your own spells. That will be included, however, it very well may be included as a separate book. The backers will not have any additional charges to bear because of this, but the book would have swelled to something over 300 pages and books at that point can become unstable with the binding and other considerations.

In all likelihood, there will be an Æthermancy Companion or something to that effect (the name isn’t finalized yet) that covers the topics of spell and item creation. We just wanted to give you a head’s up on that and we’ll be having some rough images put together soon for that!

Happy Friday!


Æthursday – The Node

Situated in what appears to be a ghost town is an ancient house; the Carolstone Mansion. The town of Blackenridge was a mining town over a century and a half ago, but the ores had long since dried up. The Carolstones were the original settlers in the area; they established a trade post before Revolutionary War, they convinced the railroads to move in a century later, they owned the mines, and they lost the most when the ore dried up.

Of course, that’s the legend.

In truth, Jacob Carolstone found something down in the mines; the ore seemed to be in long bands, almost like tendrils of a spider web that all came together to a single point. Following the veins with only a handful of trusted employees, Jacob found what he called the Node. It is a metal that doesn’t come natively from that rock, and the lines of rich metal ore leading up to it were a mystery; like water pipes feeding a single source. Not knowing what to do with it, he took it back to his house and kept it in the basement.

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Æthermancy Kickstarter Spell Cards

Spell Card - Healing Bomb, Greater

One of the things we’re doing for the Kickstarter is Spell Cards. Originally these were intended to be a one-off thing, something to be used as a book mark. All of the spells that have art representing them would be used. However, after Kevin was reminded how good the spell cards were for D&D, he wanted to give that same feeling for Æther and ALL spells will get cards, but only some will have art.

This is a work-in-progress for Greater Healing Bomb. Kevin still has a few tweaks to make on transparency and layer effects, but this is pretty much what the final form will look like. The cards will be printed on playing card stock and will be made available as a product AFTER the Kickstarter backers get their rewards!


Æthursday – Random Setting

Today’s setting is a Colonial Age, Tech of the time, Dark, Supernatural Noir.

Werewolves. Ghosts. Vampires. Demons. Witches. The 17th century is full of superstition, paranoia, intrigue, and distrust; and it is for good reason. A group calling themselves the Reapers have determined to investigate these cases before innocent people get harmed, and of course to sort out which cases are supernatural and which are just people taking advantage of the specter of the times.

As a member of the Reapers, you were recruited (or volunteered) to investigate these cases, to determine what is the cause of the mystery, and to deal with the supernatural elements that are causing it. Armed with your trusty flintlock, a sabre, or simply your wits, the time has come to stop the encroaching dark and fight back!

What role will you fill in this age as you combat the forces of evil? Which side will you be on? Decide now and take up arms against the darkness, or do nothing and watch the world succumb to it. The choice is yours.


Æthursday – Adventure in a Con

As we prepare for another trip to Kansas City for KantCon, we are preparing for yet another Adventure in a Con! We stopped doing the what we had intended to do; have Kevin run one Friday night and then take the rest of the convention to write a module based around what was rolled up and run. It was fun, but it was cutting into the fun we had at a convention.

But we still love the running them! These days, Allen is running the Adventures in a Con, and he’s doing a great job for us! We go around the table and have each player roll up a Time, a Tone, a Technology, and a Genre and we roll three of those. The players at the table choose which of the three scenarios they want to run and then we put something together quickly, modify character sheets as needed, and we’re off and running what is regarded as many peoples’ favorite experiences at the conventions we attend!

All of that is made possible by the Random Setting Generator built into the Æther Core Book, along with a good grasp of the elements rolled up by the players! Some quick thinking allows you to do this on the fly, but with some preparation, it’s incredible how unique and intricate of a setting or scenario you can build!


Æthursday – Update!

It’s been a busy week here at Silver Gryphon! Not only have we been working on Æthermancy and getting prepared for KantCon in a week, we have been getting print products uploaded to DriveThru RPG! We’ll have a continuous string of them coming for a while; we have a lot of product that has never been available in print that will be! We started things off with Milecastle 42 and A Thule and His Money! We’re moving along with Savage Worlds as well, but this is an Æthursday post, so let’s focus on that.

These adventures will be ready for Tacticon (now hosted by Gamers for Vets!), hopefully the whole catalog will be, but for now, you should be able to start seeing them at our storefront at DriveThru RPG and RPG Now, as well as our Square store! The first proofs of Milecastle 42 and A Thule and His Money have been ordered and they will be on the way very soon!

Stay tuned and we’ll keep updating you as they are complete!


Æthursday – Random Setting – To the East!

Today’s Random Setting is an Iron Age, WWII Tech, Dark Fantasy setting…

General Maximus Predatus had been leading the campaign for years; hard months of rain and heat, breaking only for the dismal winters. Summers were hard, winters were worse. All of us in Legio XIII filled with dread during the winters; we knew what was coming in the spring, we knew that evil like we were facing did not slumber during the winter like we did. Every season we marched hit us like the last season we would ever see our families.

The Alchemists discovered the powder first. Then the engineers figured out what to do with it. The Black Powder, made of but a few easily found dusts and minerals, first was used by itself, then the tacticians figured out how to use it even better. It only took 50 years of innovation to bring us from our muskets up to mechanized guns that belched lead shot at 600 rounds a minute. From pouring the black powder into the musket to encasing it in brass, to feeding the brass via a magazine whether it was a bin or a belt, technology moved fast.

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Heroicon 2015 wrap-up

Well, we made it through Hericon, survived the trip there and back, even though getting there meant driving through a nasty line of thunderstorms! We had a great time though, met some fans, talked to some Kickstarter supporters, and Kevin even managed to get an entire adventure written for his upcoming Shadow War setting for Æther!

This was the first year for the convention at Decatur as put on by the Heroicon staff. We’ve been to a lot of conventions that are smaller venues that were first-year affairs, and this was one of the best we’ve seen! If you’re in the Illinois area, I’d definitely get ready to mark this one on your calendar for next year!

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